7 Facts About Coupons – Why You Should Use Them As A Marketing Tool


Most people are not aware that coupons have been around for more than a hundred years. The very first coupons were introduced as part of a marketing campaign launched by the Coca Cola Company. The year was 1886 and Coca Cola was a new brand. The management had a lot of big plans to market the drink. One of the strategies deployed by them was the introduction of coupons. Employees were asked to visit homes and deliver coupons offering free Coca Cola drinks. The coupons were a massive hit – between 1894 and 1913, a total of 8.5 million Coca Colas were given away for free!

Since then, many companies have used coupons to gain more business. A majority of companies that deal with coupons belong to the retail sector. For decades, popular retail stores across the USA encouraged shoppers to make purchases using coupons. The strategy brought in more customers on a consistent basis. As years passed by, coupons achieved universal appeal, easily adapting to the new marketing approaches adopted by modern companies.

Coupons are widely used by online stores these days. A majority of online businesses offer coupons with exciting offers. At Promo Direct, we have an entire page dedicated to coupons. A lot of our customers use these coupons to gain quality savings on their purchases.
This article will provide you some interesting facts to encourage the use of coupons in your next marketing campaign!

1. Shoppers love the fact that coupons are free!
For most shoppers, the word “coupon” brings to mind a lot of sweet memories. Firstly, a coupon is available free of cost. Secondly, shoppers can use them to purchase expensive items that would have otherwise been out of budget.
Look around you – the main reason why most online businesses do well is because they offer a variety of coupons for shoppers!

2. Coupons can make your brand popular
Let’s assume you are a newbie to the online world. You are in charge of a quality store that attracts little or no business. What would be your next step? You will obviously invest hundreds of dollars to ensure your website reaches world-class levels. You will spend another fortune for a quality team of writers, designers and SEO specialists. It may take months or even a year to get the desired results though.
With coupons, the results are instantaneous. All you have to do is promote the range of coupons you are offering and customers will flock to your site! It’s a legitimate shortcut towards gaining new customers.

3. Coupons will win you a new breed of customers
Coupons will introduce you to a new breed of customers. These customers probably never knew you existed! But they are willing to have faith in you, thanks to the discounts offered via coupons. In short, coupons are icebreakers.

4. Coupons can influence the buying behavior of customers
Shoppers are a stubborn lot. If they like a product, they stick to it no matter what. A coupon offering amazing discounts can change that attitude. All you have to do is ensure that the coupons you offer are better than the ones offered by competitors. And bingo! You will be able to influence customers to choose your products over their favorites!

5. Coupons are convenient marketing tools
It doesn’t take much to use coupons as marketing tools. All you have to do is dedicate a page on your site to coupons. Keep adding newer coupons to the page so that shoppers won’t lose interest. Perform adequate SEO for the page to ensure that your site ranks high when shoppers search for coupons offering discounts.

6. Coupons offer you and your customers a win-win situation
Coupons don’t cost much to create. You won’t be burning a hole in your marketing budget to add coupons to your site. And they offer sensible savings to shoppers. These savings are significant enough to keep customers happy and interested in your brand for a long time. In short, you get long-term customers with minimal investment in a short period of time. It’s a clear win-win situation for you and your customers.

7. Coupons are easily accessible
A shopper looking for an online coupon won’t have difficulty accessing them. All he has to do is search for them online. Make sure your coupons are easily accessible so that they can be redeemed by shoppers. Upload coupons on your site and other 3rd party sites as well. You could also send coupons to customers by email.

We hope the facts mentioned here help you choose coupons as a marketing tool. At Promo Direct, we have a wide range of coupons that can be used by our clients looking for excellent deals while purchasing giveaways.

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We hope these facts on coupons will help you add them to your marketing strategy. We suggest you have a look through our inventory of giveaways to highlight your brand. Our range of custom sunglasses
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