Tips for Building and Promoting Your Small Business Brand

A strong branding strategy is part of every successful business, big or small. Your brand is more than a logo, it is the identity of your company and the face that will greet nearly every potential customer who sees it. Just like people, businesses are distinguished by their personality. In implementing your brand, there are several things you can do to make your business popular:

An unfortunate amount of business owners try to imitate large brands to ride off of their success. Meanwhile, big businesses are constantly trying to shape their branding strategies around gaining local appeal. Striving to mimic big corporations will only make you a copy of an imitation. Leverage your community knowledge and small business status to make a real, honest brand that speaks to the people around you. Even if it isn’t the flashiest thing in town, people will be drawn to your brand’s unique voice and image.

Use Varied Media Content
Virtually every business leader today recognizes the importance of social media and networking, but few grasp the power of using mixed media. Don’t limit yourself to press releases. In addition to literature, pictures and videos and custom screen-printed gear will help get your company seen by consumers. A specialist from absolute screen printing says making t-shirts and banners emblazoned with your logo is a great way to get your brand seen by a wider audience that may not have otherwise noticed your marketing efforts. Pay attention to how most of your customers use your products or services. Depending on where your niche lies, you may find the things you sell being used in ways you never thought of, and most people will gladly share their projects with you, adding even more to your online presence at zero cost.

Start a Blog
Blogs give businesses a chance to shed the formal language of press releases and brochures to address their customers on a personal level. Blog content can be about anything that relates to your business, and by keeping your messages, tutorials, and ideas consistent with your brand, you can add nuance to its personality without making any major changes.

Seek Out and Reward Pollinators
Pollinators are people who, without any direct encouragement from yourself, speak highly of your business and help drum up attention to your brand. Even if you can’t find and thank these people individually, you can incorporate referral programs to reward them and draw in new customers.

A consistent branding strategy will build trust and relationships with the people who support your business. Even without the marketing budget of bigger companies, small businesses can achieve great success if they play to the needs and habits of their consumers.

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