14 Tips To Get Your Business Highlighted On Facebook

Facebook’s growth since its introduction in 2008 has been phenomenal. The 1st quarter of 2015 witnessed more than a billion users logging into Facebook. A significant chunk of these users belong to the USA. Thousands of businesses have rightly invested their hard-earned dollars to nurture a customer base on Facebook. However, very few businesses are able to successfully engage with their target audience via Facebook.

What was your experience while promoting your business on Facebook? Have you been able to gain quality leads for your business? This article will help you set things right!

1. Plan a conversational calendar at the beginning of every month
It’s ideal to maintain a conversational calendar that features a myriad of ideas you would like to showcase during the month. These ideas will make things easier for you while creating your posts.

Apart from these ideas, you can also focus on trending news and topics – anything worth covering that pops up during the course of the month.

2.Finalize a scheduling software to make regular posts
You will need scheduling software to take your company’s social media strategy forward. Software like Hootsuite provides a load of features to ensure you have a great experience. You could use a free account and link up to 3 social media profiles of your choice.
Schedule posts a day, week or month in advance to stay on top of your campaign by managing your time efficiently. Simply scheduling won’t be enough though – you will have to actively respond to the replies you get for each post.

3. Analyze how your competitors are faring on Facebook
How many competitors are actively pursuing Facebook to reach their audience? You can learn a lot from them. Study their strengths and weaknesses and make sure your social media campaign runs better.

You will be able to arrive at the exact nature of posts required to excel in your domain. This will save you a lot of time on research and other analytical efforts.

4. Add variety to your posts
Never be boring in your approach towards post creation. Add variety to your posts by covering a wide range of topics. Never be predictable. Let followers rely on you for top-notch content always.

You will notice a steep hike in the number of followers and the way they interact on your posts. What more could you ask for?

5. Add links to your primary website whenever you can!
One of the main goals of your Facebook campaign should be to gain quality clicks back to your site. Make use of Facebook as an originator of incoming links. Use it as a gateway to better relationships with your target audience.

6. Rely on engaging copy and images to boost the quality of your posts
Hire an experienced copywriter and designer to create posts that feature engaging copy and vibrant images. Such posts will boost the impact your page can generate, laying down a solid foundation to build a strong customer base.

Focus on creating crisp posts that gets the message across in an elegant manner.

7.  Aim for interactive conversations
Every post you create should launch a conversation with your followers. To achieve this, you will have to create posts that are inquisitive and high on interactivity levels.
Ensure your posts are shared repeatedly. Raise a red fIag if there are no comments, like or shares for your posts. It means you haven’t been creating any posts of significance.

8. Launch exciting contests and offer discounts!
Everybody loves contests! You could host contests that have discount mugs as prizes. These mugs could feature your logo and message, opening up a new avenue to get your brand across to your target audience.

Launch discount coupons as well to ignite their attention to your products and services.

9.Create posts on a regular basis
Make sure you don’t ignore your page. Create 3-4 posts in a day to ensure you are able to keep followers interested and engaged. You will have to give prompt replies to their comments as well.

10.  Share exclusive company-related information
Share exclusive photographs and the latest company news to give followers an insider’s view into how your company functions. This will help your company establish a greater relationship with followers who are loyal to your page.

11.  Use the target feature
Want to target a specific group of people based on their preferences? You can do so by clicking the Target icon that appears on the bottom left corner of your post. Select “Add Targeting” and you will be able to reach out to customers based on their relationship status, gender, age, educational status, interests, location, and language.

12.  Analyze how well your posts are faring                       
Perform regular analysis of your posts to determine how well you are faring on Facebook. Which posts received the most likes and comments? Which posts were shared the most? The answers to these questions will help you plan your social media strategy in a better and wiser fashion.

13.  Avoid irrelevant content
Here is a mistake committed by a lot of businesses. At times, business pages are flooded with irrelevant content that is of no interest to the follower. What do you expect the follower to do in this case? He will observe your page for a couple of days and then abandon it if he doesn’t see what he likes.

14.  Rely on trending tags
Add trending tags to your posts to make sure they are noticed by a wider target audience. Posts with tags have the potential to break through barriers while getting your brand noticed in no time.

Like the 14 tips featured here to get your business noticed on Facebook? We wish you the very best! We hope you have a boost in genuine and relevant followers by following the tips featured in this article!

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