11 Tips To Promote Your Business On Instagram

Instagram provides businesses with excellent opportunities to connect with potential customers online. It’s a visual medium that instantly gets marketing messages across in an effective manner. Millions of individuals around the world use this wonderful platform to express themselves.

However, a lot of businesses still haven’t got used to the idea of highlighting their brand on Instagram. This is because they haven’t understood the potential Instagram offers as a marketing channel.

Here are some stats to get started:

 There are around 300 million people active on Instagram every month.
 More than 30 billion images have been shared on Instagram so far!
 Every day, around 2.5 billion likes are received by images shared on Instagram.
 An average of 70 million images is shared on Instagram on a daily basis.
These figures show the significance of Instagram as an influential marketing tool. If you have a business and wish to build a visual identity around it, then Instagram is the way ahead for you!

1.Know what you are getting involved in

Getting to understand Instagram isn’t as difficult as learning rocket science. But it isn’t very simple either. There is a learning curve that has to be mastered to become an expert user of Instagram’s services.

The first step for you would be to determine the number of competitors you have on Instagram. Observe the kind of posts they make and the responses they receive. Prepare a strategy that can help you win the trust of followers online.

Remember this – Instagram is a world apart from popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You will have to “unlearn” some of the posting practices you used there to excel at Instagram.

2.Get the right resources to power your Instagram campaign

You will need the right resources to create posts on Instagram. A creative person, preferably a writer, will come in handy to generate all kinds of ideas for posts. A talented designer should be given the responsibility of creating eye-catching images and infographics as posts.

The prettier your posts look, the higher the chances of them getting noticed. Things are easier if you represent an ecommerce store – all you have to do is share pictures of products from your inventory to get noticed.

3.Start by creating an Instagram account for your business

This is the easiest step in this article. Visit this link to create an Instagram business account. The process is very simple. You will have to sign up and create a username that represents your business. Add your company’s logo as the profile picture. Link your account with all 3rd party sites your business is associated with, especially Facebook.

The link shared above also has vital information on how to use Instagram better. Go through it to become better tuned to the needs of Instagram.

4.Rely on hashtags to get your message across

Hashtags were first used by Twitter users in 2007 to highlight topics of common interest to people. The fad has caught on and is popular in several other social media platforms as well. Instagram users rely on hashtags to get their posts noticed.

You should use them extensively in your posts as well. These hashtags should accompany posts featuring trending keywords in your domain.

5.Arrive at the right time to post

What’s the right time to post on Instagram? We suggest the 9 to 10 am window in the morning and the 5 to 9 pm window in the evening. The 9 to 10 am window will target followers who just walked into the office. They usually spend some time on their social media profiles before starting the day. The 5 to 9 pm window allows you to target followers who have completed most of their tasks for the day and are looking to unwind.

6.Share images uploaded by your followers

Track your followers – like and comment on their photos! You could go one step further and share their images on your social media profiles to win their trust and goodwill. It’s important that you keep followers in good spirits so that you can convert the relationship from a virtual one into a real one.

7.Engage with followers on a regular basis

It’s important that you build an army of followers on Instagram. The first step to gain followers would be to reply to comments posted by followers on your photos. Communicate with them on a regular basis. Answer their questions on time to ensure they only associate positivity with your brand.

8.Embrace creativity like it’s the end of the world!

As mentioned earlier in this article, the photos you share must have high visual appeal. Ensure that all posts are high in creativity by choosing the angles, colors and other editing preferences you want for your images. Take tips from photographers or do a study of the most popular images on Instagram. You will get a fair idea on how to proceed.

9.Share videos featuring interviews with your company’s top-level management

Nothing pushes a brand’s image higher than a message from the top-level management. Get them to speak about their plans for the company’s future and the role employees and customers will play. Make the video as interesting as possible, complete with anecdotes so that followers like and share them.

10.Launch contests

A contest with exciting prizes can attract a steady flow of followers to your business, especially if your page is new. Don’t forget to announce the winners and distribute prizes after the contest is over! A lot of companies fail to give away prizes and end up gaining the wrath of their followers!

11.Measure success regularly

How well are your posts faring? How many likes are they receiving? Keep track of all measurable statistics to plan your campaign on Instagram for the long term. Keep fine-tuning your campaign to arrive at the perfect combination of posts.

Hope you found these tips useful. Use them to launch your company’s profile on Instagram! We wish you the very best! Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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