10 Steps To Gain Unique Brand Value For Your Business

Perhaps the most salient factor for the most successful brands is the promise of consistent quality. Whether it’s a business or a consumer making a purchasing decision, they want to be sure in this world of endless choice that their decision is the right one.”                                                                                                               – Rosi McMurray, The Brand Union

This quote highlights the importance of associating a brand with a “promise of consistent quality”. The “promise” referred to here is nothing but a brand’s perceived value. One branding lesson highlighted repeatedly over the years is the importance of building strong brand value for your business.

This article will help you take the right steps to nurture a positive brand value so that customers feel great associating with your brand.

Differentiating your brand from the rest

The only way a business can rise above competition is by building a brand experience. Let’s assume you have a really fantastic product on offer. But only you know that it’s fantastic – nobody else. You may spend thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns but it will be of no help because your target audience hasn’t accepted you yet. They still prefer the services of your competitors.

The first lesson to be learned here is that you will have to build a unique brand value for your business. The target audience should develop a level of trust with your brand that can never be erased.

The steps below will provide you with ideas on how to build quality value for your brand.

  1. Determine what’s the most unique and redeeming feature of your brand

Most businesses have a unique identity. They offer a value proposition that is capable of standing out on its own. You will have to determine your business’ value proposition. And then you will have to highlight it in a positive manner to get your brand noticed.

Let’s explore the other end of the spectrum – What happens if you don’t have a unique value proposition? Let’s face it – it’s difficult to succeed without one. You will have to create a value proposition that is worthy enough to be shared with the world.

  1. Finalize a tone to communicate your message

The tone you choose to communicate will determine your brand’s personality. You could either opt for a casual or formal tone based on the nature of your offerings.

Do you belong to the entertainment sector? Or does your target audience comprise children and youth? If yes, then you should opt for a casual tone to add a peppy personality to your business.

On the other hand, if you belong to the corporate sector, then you will have to adopt a formal or mature tone.

Keep a tone in mind and ensure you pursue it in all communication.

  1. Perform a self-analysis to determine how well you know your target audience

A failure to understand your target audience will have far-reaching consequences.

First, analyze your knowledge about the target audience’s preferences. This will help you create impact-driven communication strategies. Visit prospective customers to get a better understanding on the kind of services they expect from you.

  1. Prepare a clear branding message

Choose a popular competitor and study ads run by it over the years. You will notice that all its ads carry a common branding message that is rehashed again and again. This underlying branding message is the one that resonates best with the audience.

Can you come up with a catchy branding message for your business?

  1. Create a communication strategy

You won’t go far in the world of branding without a communication strategy. Conduct several brainstorming sessions with colleagues to arrive at the perfect communication strategy.

This strategy should explain in detail how you plan to communicate with your target audience. It should provide details on the communication channels you would like to use.

In short, you will have to highlight your unique value proposition in the tone chosen by you!

  1. Be visually active always

The most visual part of your business is the logo. Make sure you have a trendy and attractive logo people can identify with. This logo will then have to be used on all communication material. This will help you build a visual connection with your target audience, giving your brand more visibility in the process.

  1. Adopt a competitive pricing strategy

You will have to devote a good amount of time to arrive at the right pricing for your products. Make sure all products are priced slightly lower than what competitors offer.

Several new businesses burn their fingers with wrong pricing strategies – they keep their products priced higher than market value, ensuring that consumers stay away from them. Make sure you don’t go that route!

  1. Focus on quality customer service

Make sure you have a good customer support network in place to ensure complaints and feedback are looked into immediately. Don’t just go for ANY customer representative – you will have to go for someone with loads of customer-facing experience.

The more experienced the person is, the greater the chances of you winning acceptance from clients.

  1. Make your presence felt on Social Media

All your competitors are already engaging with customers on social media. You should follow suit and create interesting profiles for your business. Make your presence felt on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Post regularly and engage with followers on a consistent basis.

  1. Use giveaways to gain positive goodwill

Many brands ignore the importance of giveaways. They seldom use them and prefer relying on traditional marketing methods such as print and television ads. We recommend you opt for an economical giveaway to represent your brand. You could check out our range of personalized tumblers. They are made of quality materials and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

By distributing giveaways, you will quickly win the trust of your target audience. They won’t find it difficult to purchase your products. You can distribute giveaways at trade shows, stores and offices.

Hope you liked the steps mentioned here. Follow them to grow a unique and superior brand image. Do get in touch with us if you have any marketing questions– we will be glad to help you. All you have to do is give us a call at 800-748-6150 or send an email to info@promodirect.com.


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