14 Types Of Entrepreneurs

We live in a world dominated by rapidly evolving businesses. Most of these businesses are run by capable entrepreneurs possessing the vision and skills to navigate complex challenges from competitors. These entrepreneurs are skilled enough to implement innovative solutions while creating excellent opportunities for people employed under them.

You have probably come in direct contact with some of these successful entrepreneurs yourself. They are smart, dynamic and confident about what they are looking to achieve in life.

There are millions of entrepreneurs in the USA today. And every year, thousands try their luck in fulfilling their business dreams by launching start-ups. Not all of them succeed. Some entrepreneurs find the going more difficult than others. This article seeks to identify the different types of entrepreneurs present in the world today. By identifying them, you will be able to develop a better understanding of who they are and how they work.

  1. The Highflier Entrepreneur

This entrepreneur is the most successful of the lot. Every venture he starts meets with success. He is held in high regard by everybody in the business community. He is an expert in his domain and makes headlines with every step he takes.

His mind is flooded with creative business ideas that can be put to good use. He attracts funding with relative ease. This entrepreneur’s greatest strength is his ability to rally resources around him to achieve his business goals.

  1. The Employee Entrepreneur

This entrepreneur doesn’t launch a business on his own but joins a start-up and leads the company to its business goals. He is not an entrepreneur in the true sense but behaves exactly like one.

After a period of time, he may leave the company he is associated with and join other start-ups. This entrepreneur is like a journeyman. In short, he is an employee on the payroll of a bigger entrepreneur or group of individuals.

  1. The Copycat Entrepreneur

This entrepreneur is an ordinary man in awe of other successful businessmen. He seeks to copy their success by launching a start-up of his own. One advantage of copycat entrepreneurs is that they have the ingredients it takes to make the start-up a success. A major disadvantage is that there are hundreds of other people launching similar copycat businesses.

  1. The Wannabe Entrepreneur

This entrepreneur has not realized his dreams yet. However, he continuously dreams about making it big one day. He looks and talks like an entrepreneur but has nothing to show for it.

The reasons why he doesn’t become a full-time entrepreneur could be any of the following:

  • He doesn’t believe in taking risks
  • He is afraid to leave his full-time job to start a business of his own
  • He doesn’t have the financial resources to fulfill his dream, nor the capability to seek funding

A wannabe entrepreneur may get an opportunity to start a business of his own. Or he may be asked to be a part of a business that’s similar to the one he wishes to own. But there’s no guarantee the venture will be a success because a wannabe entrepreneur will remain a wannabe and not an actual one.

  1. The Past-His-Prime Entrepreneur

This entrepreneur met with success only once but failed in everything else he launched. He manages to make ends meet with his solitary success but craves for more acclaim and financial independence.

Never write this type of entrepreneur off because he can bounce back any time!

  1. The Opportunist Entrepreneur

This entrepreneur never had a business dream of his own. In all probability, he works full-time at a job he loves doing. Then, suddenly out of nowhere comes the opportunity of a lifetime. He grabs it with both hands and rides his luck to glory!

You will find a lot of opportunist entrepreneurs around you. They may not look like they have entrepreneurial potential but will definitely spring a surprise when you least expect it.

  1. The Expert Entrepreneur

This entrepreneur is a specialist who believes in his expert knowledge of a particular subject. He also believes that he can make a decent living by launching a start-up. There is every chance he will excel in his business because he is doing something he loves.

  1. The Solo Entrepreneur

This entrepreneur works alone most of the time and doesn’t feel there is a need for employees working under him. He will seek support only if he finds the going really difficult.

The start-ups launched by solo entrepreneurs are usually small in nature and their revenues are minimal as well.

  1. The Partner Entrepreneur

This entrepreneur doesn’t wish to get involved with the complicated world of business. Instead, he will invest in a couple of start-ups and serve as a trustworthy partner. His only demand is that the company he invests in is run in a capable manner. He will also look forward to a quality return on investment.

  1. The Family Entrepreneur

A lot of entrepreneurs inherit businesses from their families. It’s a tradition that gets passed on from generation to generation. The family-run store near your house is entrepreneur-driven as well.

This kind of entrepreneur is groomed by the family from an early age to take over the business.

  1. The Stubborn Entrepreneur

This entrepreneur is not willing to change and move ahead with the times. He believes what he is doing is right even if he meets with failure after failure.

This kind of entrepreneur is against receiving feedback about the way he runs his business.

  1. The Late Bloomer Entrepreneur

This entrepreneur has been content with his day job all his life. After retirement, he decides to set up a small business offering services he specializes in. He begins his entrepreneurial journey by taking on the role of a consultant or business specialist.

  1. The Impatient Entrepreneur

This entrepreneur wants instant results! He is difficult to please and deal with. These entrepreneurs are more concerned with how their money is being spent and the returns gained from it. He is willing to make all kinds of changes to his business to ensure success comes fast. As a result, quality suffers.

  1. The Not-so-serious Entrepreneur

This entrepreneur is only in the business because his friends asked him to. He is a rich individual who makes timely investments in a lot of places, especially in stocks. He isn’t serious about the business as long as he doesn’t suffer any losses.

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