7 LinkedIn Marketing Tips For Greater Business Visibility

Millions of people around the world use LinkedIn to network and grow their careers. It helps them build connections with the best talent in the industry. LinkedIn is also an effective tool to highlight businesses. This dynamic social media platform is capable of generating quality leads while spreading awareness about your brand.
In this article, we will be looking at some of the best tips to highlight your business on LinkedIn.

1. Ensure your profile is complete
Make sure all profiles associated with your business – both personal and company pages – are complete and up-to-date. LinkedIn profiles tend to rank higher on search results – prospective customers may end up on your company’s LinkedIn page more often than you imagine!
Link all your primary websites from the LinkedIn page – starting with the corporate website and blog to other social media pages.

2. Reach out to people who can make a difference to your business
LinkedIn offers a capability no other digital platform provides. A business can select and reach out to thousands of prospective customers and partners on a personal basis. You can connect with the best people in your industry at the click of a mouse!

3. Prepare an email marketing list
It’s important you send a thank you message after connecting with a prospective customer. You should also add him/her to a mailing list that can be used later to strengthen your email marketing activities.

4. Post regular, exceptional and relevant content
Quality content will help you connect with your audience quicker. Post content that can go viral and will be remembered for a long time. Ensure longevity for your brand through the posts shared on your page.

5. Believe in the power of endorsements
Are you the main face of your company? Get as many endorsements as you can! The endorsements you receive for your skills will give you the confidence to approach other thought leaders in your industry.

6. Get other employees to join LinkedIn
Your company page is complete when it is followed by a good amount of employees. Get employees to spruce up their profiles and contribute towards making your company’s LinkedIn presence worthwhile.

7. Contribute to groups
Be a part of groups that cater to your domain. Contribute in a big way by sharing meaningful insights. You could launch a group of your own as well! There are several groups with thousands of members. Use these groups to reach a widespread audience.
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