6 Ways To Show Gratitude To Clients

Most of us lead hectic lives. It’s a constant struggle to maintain a balance between work, home and leisure. At times, we forget to pause and admire the finer things in life. Let’s step back in retrospect. What are the best things in your life at the moment? A loving family? A rewarding job? Satisfied clients? It’s time to make sure the best things remain as they are or get even better!
This article is dedicated to the clients who have stayed by your side through thick and thin. It’s time to show your gratitude to them and retain them for the future. Here are some tips to get started:

1. Write a personal note: There used to be a time when handwritten notes of appreciation were delivered to a client’s mailbox. That practice lost relevance after e-mails became popular. Here’s a fact – a handwritten note can have double the impact over electronic mail!
Write a personal note to show your clients that you value them. Do this immediately after a meeting or sale.

2. Invite the client for lunch or dinner: Treat a valuable client to a delicious lunch or dinner at any fine restaurant in town. If the food is good and you make the client feel comfortable, this gesture will be remembered by him/her for years.

3. Invest in quality business promotional items: Everybody loves receiving giveaways! Make sure you feature your logo and personal message on a high quality product of your choice. You could go for a box of chocolates or an elegant pen to show your appreciation.

4. Launch a loyalty program: Pamper your favorite clients by inviting them to join a coveted loyalty program. Provide them with discounts, gifts and other freebies for a truly unique experience.

5. Place cherished clients in the limelight: Highlight customers on your social media sites. Type in a brief tribute on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+ to divert some quality attention to your clients.

6. Provide a free upgrade: Provide loyal clients with a free upgrade. It’s the easiest way to win their hearts! A free upgrade will renew their interest in your services, ensuring they recommend your brand to others as well.

Follow any or all of these tips to show client appreciation while retaining them for the future. Do share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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