6 Marketing Methods For Start-ups

The most important task on any entrepreneur’s mind is to gain quality leads and sales. This is easier said than done. Young businesses have to take on several mighty competitors to win the trust of their target audience. Most businesses fail in this step because they don’t do their marketing properly.
This article lists 6 marketing methods to highlight your brand. Just make sure your business is utilizing one or a combination of these methods to taste success for your business.

1.Distribute giveaways
A giveaway can do wonders for your brand! All you have to do is choose the right item to distribute among current and prospective customers. If you are planning your first marketing campaign, then we recommend you invest in items that offer a quality imprint area. For example, promotional drawstring bags and t-shirts will do a good job of highlighting your brand wherever recipients take them.
Distribute giveaways at trade shows, offices, schools, fairs or community events to gain quality visibility.

2.Face-to-face selling
Look for opportunities to meet clients in person. There is nothing better than explaining the benefits of your services to a client personally or through video conferencing. If everything goes well, you will be able to win the client’s business by the end of the meeting.

3.Focus on Public Relations (PR)
You could hire a PR expert to launch a campaign on your behalf. Your target audience will be exposed to selective and positive material about your company, influencing them to be more favorable towards your business. A PR expert will either run online or print ads to divert attention towards your company.

4.Become a sponsor
Sponsor an event in your local community to gain free and quality publicity for your brand. You could sponsor or be a part of a local sporting event, fundraiser, charity or cultural event.

5.Digital marketing
Make sure you have a website and use it to drive quality online leads. Having a website alone isn’t enough though. You will need to implement SEO and social media strategies to take your business forward. And the most important thing of all – make sure everything you do online is viewable on mobile devices! Clients will be using mobiles on a regular basis to seek services similar to yours so it’s important your digital assets are mobile-friendly.

6.Word of mouth
This is easily the best way to get business. There is nothing more valuable than a satisfied customer! So make sure you provide excellent solutions to every customer. Soon, word spreads about your brand. One recommendation leads to another and you will have quality leads to drive your business forward.

Hope this article helps you zoom ahead of competition! We wish you the very best!

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Gary Taylr
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