20 Tips To Boost Productivity At Work

A lot of people find it difficult to get time at the office to perform their daily tasks. Deadlines are often not met and the lack of quality productivity is a concern that worries a lot of managers. How can productivity be given a boost without hiring new people? How can deadlines be met consistently without affecting the morale of current employees?
Firstly, it’s important to note that high productivity levels can contribute significantly to the revenues of an organization. A talented employee should be retained and given more opportunities to grow. At the same time, an employee with lower productivity levels should be given the chance and environment to seek higher work standards for himself.
This article takes you through 20 tips that can boost your productivity at the workplace. Use these tips to help yourself or a colleague at the office. Let’s get started!

1.Master your time management skills
You cannot excel if you don’t have control over the way you spend your hours at the office. Start your day with a clear mind. Make sure you have answers for the following questions.
Q. How do you intend to spend the day?
Q. What are your tasks?
Q. How many hours do you wish to spend on each task?

2.Prepare to-do lists
A to-do list is your secret weapon to achieve the impossible. You will have to list tasks in order of priority and then organize your day around the list. Strike out completed tasks as your day progresses.
The satisfaction you achieve as the tasks reduce in the list is worth the effort.

3.Don’t spend too much time on non-productive activities
You probably spend a lot of time with colleagues at the cafeteria. Or maybe you regularly update your social media profiles from the office. You might want to cut back on these activities if you are not able to meet deadlines. In short, get rid of distractions! So introspect and reduce the time spent on non-productive activities.

4.Avoid multi-tasking
Multi-tasking is a skill that’s best avoided. Focus on one task at a time and you will find yourself working in a more efficient manner.

5.Keep learning new things
Keep reading and learning about new processes to make your working style more efficient. Learn from the experts in your domain – imbibe their working style to further enhance your work.

6.Be humble and admit your mistakes
Humility plays a big role in your path to excellence. Be ready to admit your mistake and move on. Show that you are willing to rectify mistakes for the betterment of the company. Colleagues will admire you more.

7.Fight stress with a vengeance
Stress plays a major role in ensuring employees underperform on a regular basis. A stressed employee will keep worrying about the intensity of deadlines instead of taking the steps to perform tasks. So take steps to ensure you get rid of stress.

8.Take regular breaks
It’s important to take breaks whenever the need arises. Stand up and go for a walk or perform some stretching exercises. This ensures you are better prepared to take on challenges throughout the day.

9.Be positive. Always
There is no room for negativity at the office. Have a task that’s difficult to complete? Worry not! Remember this – there is a solution for almost every problem under the sun! Be confident that you can handle complicated issues with ease. This will ensure you take on challenges head-on.

10.Challenge yourself to exceed your limits
There is always a chance of improving the way you work. Keeping this in mind, you should set newer challenges and goals to accomplish. For example, try to reduce the time taken for a particular task from an hour to 45 minutes.
Identify work routines you can improve upon and challenge yourself to accomplish them.

11.Give high importance to your health
Have regular medical tests done to ensure you are in the best of health. These precautionary tests will ensure you don’t become sick during critical moments in a project.

12.Never hesitate to approach others for help
Stuck at work because you don’t know how to perform a particular task? Make sure you approach a colleague or senior for his input on the task. Their advice will give you a better understanding of a solution.
What’s more, you won’t waste precious time in finding a solution all by yourself.

13.Make sure others view you as a reliable and efficient employee
The perception others have of you will help develop your image at the office. It’s important that others think about you as a capable individual who can complete tasks well within deadlines. Their perception will boost your confidence in a big way, ensuring that you are mentally prepared to take on all kinds of tasks.

14.Learn the art of delegation
Don’t take on all tasks by yourself. If your role in the office allows you to delegate, then you should take advantage of it. Delegate whenever required to ensure work is completed well within timelines.
Don’t delegate all your tasks though – it sets a bad example and other employees will wonder whether you actually get anything done by yourself!

15.Aim to be the best in the office
Set high goals for yourself at the office. You should be able to march ahead of others when it comes to productivity levels. Set a benchmark for others to follow!

16.Avoid meetings that don’t add value
Be selective when it comes to attending meetings. Make sure you attend only the important ones. You can refer to the minutes of non-important meetings later. Be careful about the meetings you avoid and make sure you don’t ruffle too many feathers.

17.Manage your e-mails better
Don’t spend too much time answering e-mails. Assign convenient and brief time slots to answer e-mails. For example, you could check e-mails 3 times in a day: immediately after reaching the office, just before lunch and at 4 in the afternoon. Choose time slots of your choice to get emails answered. You will notice your email responses get better in quality.

18.Seek the perfect work-life balance
Give equal importance to your work and personal life. This will ensure you lead a satisfactory life. Carve out some quality time for family and friends.

19.Be a thorough analyst
Be inquisitive and learn as much as you can about your task and the client it is intended for. This will help you understand how important your task is in the bigger scheme of things.

20. And finally, get the right amount of sleep!
Lack of sleep will leave you tired and ill-prepared, forcing you to work on heavy doses of caffeine. To avoid this, make sure you sleep for a minimum of 8 hours daily so that you are fresh for work the next day!

Desired productivity levels vary from office to office. Make sure you adapt these tips to the working conditions in your office. Do share your input on these tips in the comment box below.

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