15 Tips To Beat Monday Blues

Monday is easily the most hated day of the week! A lot of employees hesitate returning to work after having spent a quality weekend with family and friends. Do you suffer from a case of Monday blues as well? Just follow the steps in this article to make every Monday the best day of the week!

1.Analyze why you hate Mondays

It’s important to find out the reason why you loathe Mondays. Perform a self-analysis and you will realize there may be an aspect of your job that bothers you inside.

It could be the boring meetings, a troublesome boss or scary deadlines. Or maybe you no longer have interest in the quality of work at your office. These work factors probably bother you every day of the week – the weekends then offer you a chance to escape from it all. And then you face these concerns again on Monday. It’s a vicious circle you should get rid of immediately.

2.Make Mondays an extension of the weekend

After identifying the reasons for your Monday blues, it’s important you focus on making sure they don’t affect you anymore. You will have to prepare a work schedule for Mondays that is more convenient and easy on the mind. If possible, talk to your manager about keeping scary deadlines on Tuesdays instead.

Keep easy deadlines for Mondays. This will ensure you are more relaxed to achieve greater milestones during the week.

3.Don’t check emails over the weekend

It’s highly tempting to check emails over the weekend, isn’t it? This isn’t a difficult task because most smart phones are configured to accept office emails as well. Unfortunately, most emails from the office are harbingers of bad news or work expected from you on Monday.

Reading such emails will ruin your weekend and force you to look forward to Mondays with uncomfortable anticipation. So avoid checking emails. People from the office will call you anyway if there is anything that needs your urgent attention.

4.Make sure you sleep well on Sunday

Sundays are when most people unwind. Make sure you have a fun Sunday as well! But make it a point to retire to bed as early as you can. Getting 8 hours of sleep will ensure you are better prepared to meet the day ahead of you!

5.Start fun conversations with colleagues

Walk up to colleagues and talk about all the fun you had over the weekend. Listen to what they have to say as well. These fun conversations will lighten up the mood at the office.

6.Let music soothe your nerves!

You like music, don’t you? Why not create a playlist of some of your favorite songs for Monday? Listen to these songs the first thing when you walk into the office. You will begin enjoying every moment of your day.

You could also create a playlist for every day of the week. Let the power of music guide you through your work. Be careful with the music though – don’t listen to it all day. Sometimes, it becomes a distraction!

7.Carry some delicious snacks to the office

Break the monotony by munching on some yummy snacks at the office. Treat yourself to your favorite chocolate bar on Mondays. You will look forward to Mondays more often!

8.Plan something after work

Why should you have fun only on weekends? Go out for dinner with colleagues after work. Or plan some shopping with the family. Mondays could become the new Fridays. This radical approach to Mondays will bring a positive change to your life.

9.Make sure Monday breakfasts are special

A breakfast has the potential to drive you to greater glory! Eat delicious and wholesome breakfasts that will have you energized for the whole day. Let the taste of your favorite breakfast goodies linger in your mind till lunch.

10.Look your best!

Dress your best on Mondays. It gives you a good dose of confidence and inspires others to give their best at the office. If you are a manager, dressing well will give you a good amount of leverage over team members.

11.Set goals for Mondays (apart from deadlines)
Set a personal goal you would like to achieve on Monday. Keep a different goal for every Monday of the month. The satisfaction you achieve on fulfilling these personal goals will be greater than what you achieve after meeting deadlines!

Confused about what goals to set? Here are some tips – the goals could be any of the following:

i. Something you haven’t done in a while like calling an old friend or a forgotten family member
ii. A health-related resolution that you kept skipping like joining a gym or starting a diet
iii. An online purchase. Yup, it’s ideal to keep Monday as your official day to buy something online, especially if you are an avid online shopper
iv. Learn something related to your work. Read interesting articles that will help grow your skills at work.

12.Clean your cubicle on Fridays so that it looks fresh on Monday

The way your cubicle looks can have an impact on how your day progresses. I know a lot of people with cubicles that resemble jungles. Make sure you organize your desk better. If possible, complete your work earlier on Friday and dedicate time to organizing your cubicle.

Keep files in easy to access locations. Your clean cubicle will leave an impression on others. They will look up to you.

13.Shut negativity out

A negative mind can have a disastrous impact on the way you work, especially on Mondays. Make sure you shut out all forms of negativity in the office. An example of negativity would be the gossip you hear. So stay away from colleagues who do nothing but complain or gossip about other people. Your mind will feel a lot better.

14.Fight stress with a strong heart

You can’t defeat Monday blues or follow the tips in this article if you are stressed out. The first step to fight stress is to acknowledge you have it. Seek professional advice if necessary or take a break from work for a few days. Your mental health will be in better shape to take on all challenges at the office.

15.Plan what you intend to do in your free time

What do you usually do in your free time? Browse the internet? Step out of the office for a quick walk? Make quality use of your free time on Mondays. Planning your free time will help you achieve a good balance between work and leisure. This goes a long way in ensuring your Mondays are productive as well.

Did you find this article useful? Follow any or all of these tips to handle work better on Mondays. These tips are quite simple and straightforward to follow. Do recommend this article to colleagues as well!

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