The Importance Of Making Friends At Work

The last couple of years have witnessed a shift in focus from individual-based performances to goal-based performances. Priority is now being given to nurture quality teams that can deliver on a regular basis. In such a scenario, it makes sense to foster social friendships within teams.

Do you represent a business? Do you deal with a team of employees, day in, day out? We recommend you alter the working DNA at your office by strengthening the bond employees have with each other. This article lists the reasons why you should move in this direction:

1. Working environments will become less stressful: Employees usually work in an environment rife with stress and drama. It’s often a race to meet deadlines. Having friends in the office can eradicate stress to a great extent. Employees will go about their tasks in a cheery and engaging manner, ensuring that work is completed on time while meeting client expectations.

2. Employees are more likely to stick with the company: From a management point of view, an employee having a circle of good friends within the company is a boon. Employees are likely to remain loyal to the company for a longer period rather than starting all over again in a new company. The management won’t have to do much to retain its employees.

3. A positive work culture is born: It takes years to develop a quality work culture at the office. Numerous HR policies targeting employees have been written and rewritten to build a work culture that is friendly and engaging at the same time. Things are easier when the company is united through its employees. Friendship ensures better bonds are created in the office, in a quicker and more efficient manner. And through these bonds, the seeds for a better work culture are sown.

4. Peer-to-peer feedback will drive employees forward: Quality feedback is essential to build careers. Feedback from senior personnel is strictly given on a professional basis with intention to reprimand or shower praises. It is not as accurate as peer-to-peer feedback, which is more genuine and down-to-earth. Peer-to-peer feedback is given a new meaning when the giver and receiver are good friends.

5. Work becomes fun and interesting: Employees will find each task easier to complete. They get productive and will take on challenging tasks with renewed vigor. One thing is for sure – there won’t be any lack of motivation when friends are around in the office!

7. A source of inspiration: Inspirational models are difficult to come by today. Most employees look beyond offices and towards successful entrepreneurs. There is nothing wrong with this. However, a greater source of inspiration would be a successful colleague who is working on the same project.

8. Achieving the right work-life balance: It’s important for employees to have the right dose of work-life balance in their lives. While spending quality time with family is of the highest importance, it’s also important to spend time with friends. And having friends at the office helps achieve ideal work-life balance quicker.

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