7 Interesting Facts To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Every year, we get a lot of orders for giveaways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s the same this year as well. We have decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day with this list of fun facts.We hope you enjoy them!

  1. Who used the words “From your Valentine” first?

Centuries ago, Emperor Claudius II banned Roman men from marrying during wartime. A bishop named Valentine was against the ban and performed secret weddings. He was jailed by the emperor and later executed. During his time in jail, he wrote a letter to the jailor’s daughter and signed it “From your Valentine”.

Bishop Valentine is considered by many to be the man behind Valentine’s Day.

  1. 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards!

An estimated 1 billion cards are exchanged for Valentine’s Day every year around the world. Stats from the U.S. Greeting Card Association reveal 145 million cards are exchanged for Valentine’s Day in the US alone. This is second only to Christmas Day, which sees an exchange of a whopping 1.6 billion cards in the US!

  1. February 14 is SAD!

Valentine’s Day has competition. February 14 is also celebrated as Singles Awareness Day (SAD) by people in the USA!

  1. The first chocolate boxes were designed for Valentine’s Day

Richard Cadbury was the son of John Cadbury, the founder of the world’s largest chocolate producing company. Richard Cadbury is credited with introducing the world’s first box of chocolates. He did this for Valentine’s Day way back in the late 1800s.

The chocolate box was decorated with a painting of his daughter with a kitten in her arms. Chocolates are widely gifted during Valentine’s Day. An estimated $1 billion worth of chocolates are purchased every year in the US alone.

  1. Teachers are likely to receive more Valentine’s Day cards than anybody else!

Here’s a surprising fact. Did you know that teachers are thought to receive the most Valentine’s Day cards? Not surprising if you consider the fact that each teacher deals with a minimum of 30-150 students on a daily basis.

  1. A little history about Cupid

Cupid has been associated with Valentine’s Day for several decades now. Always pictured with a bow and arrow, he is ready to pierce people’s hearts to let love blossom!

Cupid has his origins in Greek mythology. He is the son of Venus, the powerful goddess of love and beauty.

  1. $17.3 billion – That’s how much Americans spent to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

A study by the National Retail Federation revealed an interesting figure. An estimated $17.3 billion was spent by U.S. consumers to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2014!

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