5 Tips To Make Your Week Productive

One of the factors that set a successful employee apart from others is how well he can utilize each day of the week. For an employer, there is nothing more rewarding than an employee who can pitch in with productive weeks on a regular basis.

So how can a productive week be defined? A productive week is when an employee completes all tasks in time before the weekend. He then starts the next week with a new set of tasks. This article discusses in detail how to convert each week into a productive one.

1. Defeat Monday blues: It’s important to start every week with a bang. This is not possible if you are a regular victim of Monday blues. Let’s face it – it’s difficult returning to work after enjoying a relaxing weekend. But you should make sure you put in your very best the moment you step into the office on Mondays.
People suffering from Monday blues often find it difficult to complete their tasks on that day, letting tasks spill over to the next day and so on. So the first step to a successful week at work is to make sure Monday is as productive as any other day!

2. Learn to say no when you have to: Consider this scenario: You are working hard to complete your deliverables. A colleague comes up asking you to temporarily step in his shoes for a project. What would you do? Of course, you will find it hard to say no. But you should, especially if you are pressed for time yourself.
Developing the ability to say no will make you a confident individual, capable of taking on the most challenging tasks.

3. Limit social media activities at the office: Employees active on social media at the office often find it difficult to complete their tasks on time. Facebook and Twitter are highly addictive – it’s difficult to beat the temptation to ping a family member or friend. Make sure you limit such activities to a bare minimum. Dedicate time to social media based on your workload.

4. Be organized: It’s difficult to be productive without being organized. Make sure you keep notes of your daily tasks. These are the questions you should be tracking:

– What are my tasks for the day?
– How far have I completed these tasks?
– What was the outcome of these tasks?

5. Stay focused: This is the most important tip in this list. If you stay focused on your tasks, you will be able to handle interruptions from all corners with ease. A focused person can soak in gossip, attend to emergencies and still complete his deliverables on time. This is because he has a clear understanding of the tasks assigned to him and the time they take to complete.
Hope you find these tips useful to make sure the week is more productive at the office. All the best!

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