5 Tips To Make Every Meeting Count

An office meeting is an avenue where ideas are born. But meetings seldom serve this purpose these days. Of late, meetings have become boring, unproductive and a tiresome chore for attendees. People attend meetings only because they have to and not because they want to!

There is an urgent need to make meetings more productive. This can be done by making them fun and engaging. Are you in charge of organizing meetings and making sure they are fruitful? Here are 5 tips to make your next meeting appealing and up to expectations.

1. Plan well ahead for the meeting

You have sent over an agenda for your next meeting. What next? It is important you get attendees interested by asking them to think of an idea or concern they would like to discuss during the meeting. A meeting brings together the best of minds. Make use of it to get your business moving forward.

2. Make sure everybody speaks up!

As mentioned in tip #1, every attendee must be asked to share their input.  Don’t leave anybody out. Some people may be shy about sharing their views. Make sure they are comfortable enough to open up. This will ensure they are at ease during future meetings as well.

3. Remove negativity from meetings

Many people associate meetings with negative emotions. This is because meetings often witness attendees being taken to task. Let’s make sure there is no more public humiliation during meetings. Instead, ensure each meeting is filled with positive emotions that can make a difference to the company.

4. Take consensus on action plans

It’s important to take everybody’s opinions on courses of action.  Call for a vote during the meeting and make sure everybody pitches in. A consensus will make attendees feel important while ensuring they contribute well to the proceedings.

5. Every meeting should have a recap of the previous one’s agenda

Track every meeting’s objectives on a regular basis. Make sure goals are being achieved. If this isn’t done properly, there is every chance your meetings will become a waste of time.

Like this list? Do you have any tips to share as well? Add your input in the comment box below.

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