11 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Blogging is a science. It requires a great deal of patience and learning to become an expert blogger. This article is meant for those people who have set their sights on soaring high in the blogosphere. Go through the tips mentioned below to create an impact with your blog.

  1. Aim to be different: There are millions of blogs out there. Your blog will be competing with hundreds of similar ones. Make sure your blog stands out – that’s the only way readers will take notice of your articles.
  1. Focus on thoroughly genuine content: Never copy or look at other blogs for inspiration. Focus on developing a catchy presentation style for your articles. A reader will shower his attention on you when he realizes you are willing to create posts that offer quality value.
  1. Be dedicated to your blog: A blog shouldn’t be viewed as a hobby. Dedicate a couple of hours daily to ideate and create thought-provoking articles. If you have no time for your blog, a reader will have no time for you!
  1. Make sure your content is shareable: Your blog represents you to the world. Make sure you have social media buttons on your site. If your content is good, readers will share them on popular sites such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  1. Be realistic about your blog’s reach: It will take several months or close to a year to start getting noticed. Never lose hope – just focus on creating quality content, day after day.
  1. Be friendly with readers: Respond to comments on your site. Be courteous and refrain from abusing readers who don’t agree with your point of view.
  1. Don’t overdo your articles: Don’t focus on writing articles that are close to a 1000 words. It’s going to be a waste of time. Readers prefer reading articles that are short and crisp. Target a maximum of 300 words for your articles.
  1. Be inspirational to readers: Inspire others through your articles. Use content to strike an emotional chord with your target audience.
  1. Become an expert in your domain: There is a need for experts in every domain, whether it’s banking, entertainment or software. Observe other experts and try to incorporate their positives in your approach to writing content.
  1. Believe in the power of visual appeal: First impressions play an important role in determining how readers will react to your site. Your blog should feature a visually appealing design that’s supported by world-class navigation. Only then will readers take further interest in your blog.
  1. Devote time to networking: Network regularly with other bloggers. Read and follow their blogs – this is important to ensure they show interest in your blog. The time you spend networking will play a big role in how soon you get accepted by other bloggers.

Hope the tips featured in this article help you with your approach to blogging.

Happy Blogging!


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