Making Good Use Of Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is an important element for any business. Feedback – when used right – can drive businesses to achieve their goals faster. The key to working well with feedback is to make sure you convert positive and negative comments to your advantage.

This article shows you how to use customer feedback as a strategic weapon for your brand. Read through these tips carefully to transform your business and zoom ahead of competition!

1. Improve quality of customer feedback

If you work in a store, there is every chance you get direct input from customers. Have a customer service rep look into this input. Separate it into positive and negative feedback. You will have to work on the negative ones on an immediate basis. If you are dealing with an irate customer, make sure you convert him into a satisfied one!

If you work for an organization, you will have to devise methods to extract customer feedback. Whether it’s a survey form or a telephonic conversation with customers, make sure you get detailed input that can be worked upon at a later stage.

2. Let customers define your USP

This may sound weird but it’s true! There is nothing better than having your customers explain what your USP is.

Contact satisfied customers and ask them what they liked specifically about your services. Listen to what they have to say – it could be a USP that sets you apart from other businesses. Perform the same process with multiple customers. Their replies will give you quality insights into the positives of your business. Use these positives to spur your business to unprecedented glory.

3. Turning feedback into action items

It’s important you convert constructive feedback into action items. What do your customers expect from you? Prepare a list with long-term and short-term objectives. For example, performing regular and friendly follow-ups with customers can be part of your short-term objectives – they can be implemented immediately as well.

4. Transforming your offerings

Here is an example of a long-term objective. Most customer input will pertain to your offerings. Comparisons with competitors are inevitable. You will have to do your best to transform your offerings to meet customer expectations.

5.   Inform customers about every actionable step taken by you

Do inform customers of all business changes made by you in their interests. This will introduce them to a new side of your business, showing that you are willing to engage and act upon customer input.

These customers will then be inclined to seek your services more often, giving your business the growth it deserves.

6.   Measure the outcome of every step taken by you

ü  Did the customers appreciate the changes undertaken by you?

ü  Did the changes result in a revenue boost?

ü  Did your offerings change for the better or worse?

These are some of the questions you can ask of your business. If these questions reveal positive answers, then you are moving in the right direction as far as customer feedback is concerned!

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