8 Giveaways To Highlight Your Brand At Family Reunions

Family Giveaway

Family reunions offer excellent opportunities to catch up with relatives you haven’t heard from in a while. These gatherings are usually well attended and provide excellent avenues to socialize and exchange quality banter. If you own a business, it makes sense to do some promotion at these events. Your family members are more likely to talk about your business to others. And of course, they will wish the best for your business.

Why not personalize some quality gifts for the next reunion? Whether you are hosting the event or gracing it as an attendee, a reunion will provide you with some valuable brand visibility. We have compiled a list of some quality giveaways to highlight your logo on:

  1. Laughing It Up! Calendar: This calendar takes a humorous look at family life. Made of glossy paper, this calendar featured a UV coated cover. The high quality cartoons for each month will definitely lighten up the mood of everybody present at the event.
  2. Chocolate Caramels in Copper Gift Box: Each of these chocolate gifts comes wrapped in delicious-looking copper boxes. There are 8 Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels in each box. It leaves a yummy taste in the mouths of your recipients. They will not forget your brand soon!
  3. Canister of Peanut M&M’s: Who doesn’t love M&M’s! They are crunchy, tasty and will serve as quality ambassadors of your brand. After the chocolates are gobbled up, recipients can use the canister for their storage needs at homes or offices. Since your logo appears on the top of the lid, there is every chance recipients will view your logo for a long time.
  4. 15 oz Large Two Tone Photo Mugs: These two-tone mugs will grab attention wherever they are used. The combo of a white exterior and a colored interior looks visually appealing. Your company’s logo will never go unnoticed against the white background.
  5. Wind Up Robots: You have probably never heard or seen this product before. Wind these robots up and they go into a delightful dance routine. They bend their arms and flex their knees to entertain your recipients thoroughly. Your logo and message go in the revolving disc present on the robot’s tummy. This disc spins as the robot dances.
  6. 9″ Pearlized Balloon: Add some color to the gathering with these balloons. Starting for as low as $.14, these balloons are available in a range of attractive colors. Imprint your logo on these balloons and watch as they soar high and across the room! The kids will love playing with these balloons.
  7. BIC® Slim Metal Pen: Sleek, elegant and sturdy are some of the words used to describe this pen. The shiny look these pens offer will add some style to your promotion, winning the hearts of customers at the same time.
  8. Port & Company® – 50/50 T-Shirt: You could also hand out t-shirts to make a strong statement for your brand. Wrinkle and shrink-resistant, this t-shirt is available in a variety of sizes and colors. You will not go wrong with this one!
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