10 Tips To Make An Effective Presentation


It’s difficult to come across a presentation that can hold your attention effectively. This is because most presentations are guilty of serving as potent sleep inducers. They are filled with a lot of information – charts, text or images – and have the potential to bore you to death! Presenters forget that the goal of a presentation is to engage with the audience.

This article will help you create a presentation that connects with the target audience while gaining quality leads for your business. Follow the tips below to get started:

1. Keep the number of slides to a minimum

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that more slides are required to make a killer presentation. In order to hold your audience’s attention, it is important that your presentation remains compact with engaging content in as little slides as possible.

2. Use a font that’s visible from afar

A good majority of your audience will be viewing your presentation from the farthest corners of the room. Make things easier for them by choosing a font that’s large and readable from afar.

3. The beginning of your presentation should feature the best content

Start your presentation with a bang! Feature the main objective of your presentation upfront. The remaining slides should be filled with backup data to strengthen the primary message.

4. Rely on smart and attractive graphics

Use the right dose of graphics to drive your presentation forward. Don’t flood your presentation with too many graphics though – it diverts attention from what you seek to convey.

5. Choose a conservative template as the background

The template you choose is like the dress a movie star puts on for a scene. Keep things simple and attractive – don’t rely on flashy templates with gaudy colors. The audience will find it distracting.

6. Use simple yet engaging text

The content should be simple to understand. Don’t pack a slide with too much content. Add bullet points wherever necessary to make text more readable.

We hope the tips provided above help you arrive at the right presentation. This is only the beginning though. It’s important you present it in the best way possible to get your message across to your target audience:

7. Practice several times before the actual presentation

Prepare well in advance for the presentation. This ensures you are confident and comfortable with the topic you are about to present.

8. Never read from the slides

This is a mistake a lot of presenters commit on a regular basis. You should use the content featured in the slides as an effective aid to drive your presentation forward. Remember this fact – the slides are not the focus of the presentation. YOU are!

9. Be prepared for the inevitable

Each member in the audience will have a different view of your presentation. Study the audience and ensure the flow of your presentation is altered accordingly. Be prepared to answer questions thrown at you after the presentation is completed.

10. Give importance to time

Start and end the presentation on time. When you value the audience’s time, they will pay attention to what you have to say.

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