10 Business Resolutions For Entrepreneurs In 2015

Business Resolutions

Millions of people around the world approach the New Year with several resolutions to set their personal lives in order. From pursuing weight loss to getting rid of vices, the resolutions created help people to turn a new leaf in the New Year.

The focus of this article is to divert some attention from personal resolutions to business ones. We, at Promo Direct, realize that this is the right opportunity for business owners to do an analysis of how well the company did in the year that passed by. Identify positive and negative highlights for the company and plan a specific list of business resolutions for the New Year. Sound interesting? Well, let’s get started.

Find 10 resolutions below you can adopt for your business. These resolutions are simple to follow and implement:

1. To become a role model: Your team looks up to you for guidance. They need the right dose of motivation and inspiration to do their best at the office. It’s time you rose to the occasion through diligence and self-training. Lead your business from the front. Aspire to be the best leader there ever was!

2. To delegate tasks when necessary: Your business shouldn’t be run by you alone. Learn when to delegate tasks. Hire the right talent to ensure your company grows and beats competitors.

3. To become more organized: Most entrepreneurs perform a lot of multi-tasking. It’s important to schedule and do one thing at a time. This helps you in two ways. First, you will endure less stress than before. Second, you will have quality time to spend with family and friends.

4. To manage cash flow better: Cash flow is the lifeline of your company. Make sure you are financially secure to run your company with ease. Analyze financial documents to understand where your company spends money. This helps prepare for the future and prevents you from falling short of cash at a later stage.

5. To join business networks: Get in touch with entrepreneurs in your domain – both offline and online. Get to know more people and try learn from them.

6. To do something for the local community: Earn the goodwill of members of the local community by ensuring your company contributes by means of financial resources, volunteering or hosting fundraisers. Take the initiative to launch awareness campaigns if necessary.

7. To abandon old practices that don’t work for the company: Old habits die hard. It’s difficult to get rid of old practices followed in a company even if they serve no purpose. Make sure you do a review of processes and prune out the unnecessary ones!

8. To re-evaluate the pricing at which your products and services are offered: At times, it is important to examine your pricing strategy. How well is it positioned vis-à-vis competition? Don’t hesitate to increase or cut prices based on your findings.

9. To become a good listener and more receptive to feedback: Listen to what employees and customers are saying. Use their feedback to take your business to the next level.

10. To be transparent at all times: Your employees have joined your company to be with you in good and bad times. Never disappoint them. Share with them your goals for the year and take them along for the journey!

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