All You Need To Know About Emotional Branding

Emotional Branding

“Consumers today not only want to be romanced by the brands they choose to bring into their lives, they absolutely want to establish a multifaceted holistic relationship with that brand, and this means they expect the brand to play a positive, proactive role in their lives.”

–          Seth Godin

A lot of people are unaware of emotional branding even though they experience it on a daily basis. It’s important you know about this form of branding to get ahead of competitors. So what’s emotional branding? For starters, it is a phenomenon that’s experienced the world over – it helps people connect with your brand. Let us take the example of Nike, McDonalds or Home Depot. These brands have built emotional connections with customers – strong enough to last a lifetime. For these brands, branding is not just about having a fancy logo. It’s about striking a chord with customers on a personal basis. You should go the same way – count on emotional branding to ensure your brand stands apart from competitors. It’s all about feelings If emotional branding is done the right way, it ensures your brand establishes a lot of positive feelings in the minds of your customers. These feelings will go a long way in driving your business forward. Here’s what you should do to get started:

1.      What sort of emotions do you want customers to associate with your business? Do you want consumers to associate youthfulness with your brand? Or a high sense of professionalism? Think it over and arrive at an emotion you want to be associated with your brand. Ensure this emotion is focused on in all marketing collateral. It’s a start towards establishing solid emotional branding in your marketing campaign.

2.      Focus on the customer’s experience. Not the product It’s time you stressed the customer’s experience in all your marketing campaigns. What will they gain if they opt for your services? Don’t just trumpet the product’s strengths – there is every chance other competitors offer similar products or services. Rely on getting people to mentally align with your brand.

3.      Create heartfelt marketing material Go over to and do a quick analysis of the video ads online. You will notice that the ones with the most views are those that are either funny, catchy or featuring a meaningful message. That’s the kind of marketing essence you will have to introduce to your marketing channels – whether it’s print, TV or radio ads. Your marketing campaign must be convincing enough to be shared repeatedly, giving your brand the attention it deserves. It doesn’t matter whether you make your customers laugh or cry as long as you make an impact with your campaigns.

4.      Be consistent with your marketing efforts The theme you select to highlight your brand should be represented in your campaigns for an extended period of time. Only then will the emotional message you wish to convey sink in with customers. Don’t change themes too often.

5.      Be wise with your spending on marketing campaignsIf you represent a small start-up, then you may find it difficult to get the financial resources to actively plan an elaborate marketing campaign. If this is the case, focus on planning small campaigns that are within your reach. For example, you could use giveaways to spread your message. A wacky stress reliever will definitely bring a smile to your customer’s face. A greeting card will reach out to your customer and show you care wherever they are.

Use the pointers provided in this article to plan your next marketing campaign. There is every chance your brand will see quality success soon.

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