The Importance of Print Catalogs

Print Catalogs

E-commerce websites have taken shopping to another level. Today, millions of people do shopping from the comfort of their homes. All they have to do is log onto the internet, open an e-commerce website, choose a product and place an order – all this without moving an inch! No long queues either!

Despite all these advancements, offline shopping is still popular. People still love to visit malls and retail stores to make purchases. Similarly, print catalogs are still in favor with shoppers – that’s why most retailers still invest in attractive print catalogs.

The average American receives about 10 catalogs in his mailbox every year. So what’s special about these catalogs? A print catalog offers a tangible means to view a variety of products. In many ways, it creates a more direct interaction with the brand than a website does. A print catalog is known to be a strong influencer when it comes to making buying decisions.
What really makes the print catalog relevant in today’s digital world? Let’s take a look at some of the factors below:

1) Always on: You don’t have to log on to any device to view a print catalog. They are always present in physical form and can be viewed at your convenience. Another advantage is that it offers ready reference material. Whenever you want to order a product, or maybe compare it with others, just open the catalog and flip through the pages to the product you want to review. The time taken in switching on your device, logging on and then navigating through the pages is a lot more in comparison to going through a print catalog.

2) Instant Impression: According to figures released by Direct Marketing Association, 12.5 billion catalogs were mailed out to US homes in 2011. An estimated 90 million Americans bought an item from a catalog in 2011.

These are astonishing figures considering we live in an era of e-commerce websites. The fact is that catalogs expedite the decision-making and buying process. This is good news for businesses that largely depend on print catalogs for promoting their inventories.

3) Wide Variety: Print catalogs are not far behind their online versions when it comes to choice of items. When a retailer launches a catalog, he makes sure he includes the best items from his inventory, whether it’s t-shirts, mugs or pens. What you see in the final catalog is a choice of the finest collections, often superior to those found online.

4) Definitely Worth Retaining!: A majority of e-mails (featuring products from online stores) go directly into the spam folder. This is where print catalogs have an enormous advantage. A lot of people retain print catalogs simply because they look good on desks! These catalogs are viewed by everybody around, ensuring quality visibility for the brand.

5) Recommendation: People are more likely to recommend your brand to others after purchasing from catalogs. All they have to do is share the catalog for reference. A print catalog will give your brand strong coverage similar to an e-commerce website.

Do you own a store that targets a widespread audience? We recommend you use print catalogs as well to highlight your offerings. Send these catalogs by mail to customers. There’s every chance the customer will pay more attention to you.

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