December 2014, Holidays and Observances in USA

December is finally here! It’s time to launch a final marketing campaign for the year. Here are some pointers to help you with your marketing campaign in December:

  • Show the humane side of your business by observing Universal Human Rights Month. Use giveaways to gain goodwill for your brand!
  • If your primary target comprises school kids, then make it a point to celebrate National Handwashing Awareness Week. You will be able to impart a hygienic lesson to them while promoting your brand.
  • Make Christmas extra-special for customers and employees by investing in some quality giveaways.
  • Give customers an opportunity to remember you in 2015 with some New Year’s Eve giveaways.

Check out the info graphic to learn more about what you can do in December. Happy shopping!

December 2014, Holidays and Observances in USA


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