9 Features Every Intranet Must Have


Intranet and internet sound very similar, right? That’s probably why a lot of people confuse both of them. But let’s make the difference clear upfront. An intranet is similar to a private internet system with access restricted to members of an organization. The Internet, on the other hand, represents the entire online web.

The first intranet application was introduced in 1991. People back then didn’t think much of it – they thought it was a passing fad. However, with every passing year, intranet applications grew in popularity. Thousands of companies across the world have these applications installed to boost business. But there is one problem though – business leaders are not aware of the true potential of these applications. We make things easier by listing must-have features for every intranet application:

1. Knowledge Sharing: Companies use intranets to share quality resources with their employees. If an employee needs a technical document that was created 5 years ago, there is every chance he will find it on his company’s intranet. All he has to do is log in to the application, search and download the document he is looking for. Knowledge sharing has never been so transparent and easy to access for employees.

2. Employee Directory: Need to know the e-mail address of a colleague without moving from your seat? Use the intranet! It can feature a database of past and current employees, allowing users to pull out details whenever required.

3. Blog: The intranet allows users to upload articles for discussion by employees in a company. Readers can share their feedback through comments, providing their valuable input for all colleagues to see.

4. Document Management: Perhaps the most important use of an intranet is to serve as a document management tool that aids in projects. Project documents can be updated and uploaded so that other users can work on them later. The version control capabilities offered by intranets will help to organize documents by date of creation and the number of times a file is updated.

5. Fun Corner: Who doesn’t love to have some fun? The intranet can serve as the perfect place to relax. Add trivia, quizzes and jokes to release the pressure of deadlines.

6. HR Corner: HR policies and other important company information should be uploaded in this section. An employee who wants to request a day off should be able to access the document without moving from his seat.

7. Company Announcements: All events – from employee birthdays to company milestones – should be captured and presented in this section.

8. Media Section: The Company’s digital assets – videos, photographs and slideshows – go in this section.

9. I.T. Helpdesk: If you have any hardware or networking issue, all you have to do is raise a ticket with the I.T. Helpdesk. Your issue will be sorted out on priority.

Does your company have an intranet? Does it have these features as well? If not, you could consider adding these when you revamp the application.

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