6 Tips To Convert Cold Calls Into Hot Leads

cold call

A great deal of courage is required to make cold calls. There are many factors you have to consider before you make your sales pitch and try to convince the person at the opposite end about your offer.

Cold calling will take your prospect by surprise. He/she may be busy at work or having a good time with family. The prospect may speak rudely or ignore you. This is why it is important that you prepare well for every call.

This article will help boost your chances of converting every call into a hot lead. Make sure you go through the steps below before making any cold calls:

1)      Change your approach to every call: You have about 30 seconds to impress your caller. Make the most of it. What is the message you wish to convey to your prospect?  Prepare a script with a pleasant introduction and tone.

Before making a call, drink some water and take a deep breath. It’s very important to be relaxed. This will ensure you don’t fumble during the call.

2)      Keep the script short and simple: Start with a greeting and address your prospect by his/her full name. Ask if it is the right time to speak. Once you receive the go ahead, introduce yourself in the best way possible.

After you are done with the introduction, you can proceed to your sales pitch. Keep everything short and crisp. Speak less but stick to the facts. Keep pausing at the right places, so that your prospect grasps what you are trying to say. Remember you have to impress your prospect, not bore them!

3)      Be persistent and never lose hope: Don’t give up if a prospect turns hostile and disconnects your call. It’s certainly not the end of the world! About 80% of new sales are made after the fifth contact, but many sales representatives give up after a second or third hostile call! Do not give up and keep trying. You’ll achieve success sooner or later!

4)      Practice calls whenever you can: Practice regularly – call up friends or family members. Ask them to treat you like a professional when you call. Get a feedback/review after the call is over. Ask them to notice your tone and observe your diction! Yes, all these factors count!

After a couple of mock calls, you will get the confidence to face any prospect without any hiccups. Remember, practice will take you closer to perfection!

5)      Focus on your goal: Most people think that cold calling is all about making a sale. This is only partly true. In reality, cold calling is all about getting a chance to make a sale. To be more specific, the main purpose of a cold call is to get an opportunity and set an appointment to make the pitch.

6)      Research: Cold calling isn’t about making random calls to random people! You must target your cold calling to the right audience! Research as much as possible about the company or people whom you are going to call in advance. This will give you an idea about their likes and dislikes. You could alter your calling script accordingly so that they know you are a genuine caller. This will certainly give you a huge advantage, allowing you to speak to prospects with confidence.

Hope these tips provide you with greater success while making cold calls. Be patient and positive! And most important of all, never lose hope! It’s all a part of cold calling. Keep yourself calm, focused and relaxed! Happy Calling!

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