6 Steps To Win Back Upset Customers

upset customers

Mending broken customer relationships is a difficult job. Every business – whether big or small – has its share of upset customers. Most of these businesses simply choose to ignore the situation and focus on attracting new customers. This is a wrong move. It’s important that an unhappy customer is brought back into the fold – this article will show you how it’s done.

1.       Grab the opportunity to get in touch with the customer

Approach the irate customer with the most obvious question – “What happened?”

Start a frank conversation. Listen carefully to the main reason why he is dissatisfied. Be apologetic if required.

Pay close attention to his requirements. Get all the info you want from him and offer to return with a positive solution. The tone you use in this conversation will determine whether you won his trust or not.

2.    Perform an analysis to determine who is at fault at your end

Use the input provided by the customer to trace the root cause of his dissatisfaction. Was it a miscommunication? Or was there any deficiency in your service? Start the process of introspection and come up with some answers.

You will now get a better understanding of the issue. This is when you approach the customer again.

3.       Meet the customer with a specific plan to address his concerns

“Specific”. That’s the key word here. Create a thorough plan to resolve things in a timely manner. Don’t give any false assurances. Instead, show you are genuine and will do anything to win the customer back.

It is important your customer gives you a second chance. Move in that direction. The sincerity in your tone and the effectiveness of your plan will help the customer make a favorable decision quicker.

4. Offer a freebie or generous discount

You can throw in an incentive to make the solution you offer more attractive. This move will soften the customer’s stand, making him view your proposition in a new light. A giveaway will come in handy here, like an exquisite pen or a box of delicious chocolates. Make sure you don’t hand out a cheap giveaway though!

If all goes well, there is every chance you will win your customer at this step.

5. Close the deal and start a long-lasting relationship

Okay, you have won the customer back. What next? Make sure you don’t get complacent again. Focus on building a quality relationship with him that will last years.

6. Show your team how it’s done

It’s important your team is on the same page as you when it comes to customer satisfaction. Give them the power to fix issues on their own. This is important because it’s crucial they have the authorization to handle customer issues as they occur and not later. Remember this – it’s the people meeting your customers on a daily basis who will make or break deals.

Hope you find this article useful to resolve long-standing customer issues. We hope you win back customers and retain them for years, serving them with excellence every single time. We wish you the very best!

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