5 Tips To Keep The Momentum Of Customer Satisfaction Going

customer satisfaction

An electronics company in downtown Albuquerque once received a call from a customer. He was immensely satisfied with how the company executed his project. He gave complimentary messages to everybody in the team and wished the company great success for the future.

The customer said he would return with a new project the next year. He did keep his promise but things didn’t go according to plan this time. There were innumerable delays in the project and costs kept escalating through the roof. Then came the shocker – the customer withdrew from the project and gave scathing reviews that were heard far and wide in the industry.

A satisfied customer had turned into the company’s most feared one.

A lot of companies have a story similar to this one. Why is it difficult to keep satisfied customers happy forever? The reason is simple – most businesses focus on getting new customers and get complacent with existing customers, not realizing that all customers are equally important.

Never take an existing customer for granted – your competitor will probably just hijack him from under your nose!

At Promo Direct, we have set the bar high for customer engagement. We ensure they have a quality experience every time they interact with us. This is the reason why our customers keep coming back with more orders.

Featured below are some tips to ensure your customers remain satisfied:

1.      Dedicate a team to look into the concerns of existing customers:

A strong support team is essential to attend to the needs of existing customers. Remember this fact – a customer’s journey with your company doesn’t end after he buys your products or services. In fact, that’s where it starts.

Make sure all questions and concerns regarding your products/services are attended to efficiently. Never give them a reason to complain.

2.      Personalize each customer relationship

Each customer has different needs. Ensure that you go the extra mile to make him/her comfortable with your services. Show that you are a good listener. Have frequent conversations with the customer (through e-mails, calls or in person).

Leave no stone unturned in knowing the customer’s requirements. This helps you provide solutions that will be appreciated by them.

3.      Be proactive

Never wait for an issue to erupt. Instead, you should take the initiative to keep customers in good spirits. Drop them an e-mail every now and then. Make sure you are on the same page with the customer as far as your services are concerned.

Some customers – when unhappy with your services – simply switch to a competitor without informing you. Don’t wait for that to happen.

4.      Train your employees to become customer service experts

How courteous is your customer support team? Weed out unfriendly employees and retain the ones who truly care about customer service.

It’s easy to find an unfriendly employee – this person always has a frown on his/her face!

5.      And finally, throw in a freebie!

Nothing shows how much you care more than a quality pen, mug or t-shirt. Imprint giveaways with your logo and contact details and give them away as corporate gifts to customers. Your customers will definitely remember!

All the best! We hope these tips help you establish better relationships with customers moving forward.

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