13 Marketing Tips To Boost Online Sales


Online Sales

Want to know the secret to gain better sales online? Well, there is none! The key to a successful online store is to get a combination of factors right. We make things simple for you by listing these factors as marketing tips to propel your business forward.

  1. Improve your website’s design: Does your online store feature an attractive design or is it plain and boring to look at? Observe your successful competitors and you will realize one thing – all of them have catchy designs customers get attached to easily. It is time you pondered over these questions:
    • Is my website worthy enough to take on competition?
    • Are there any shortcomings that should be taken care of on my website?
  1. Don’t feature too many products on the homepage: Your homepage presents your business with the opportunity to make an instant impact on buyers! Keep your homepage simple and feature only the most popular products. When a buyer sees a lot of products, there is a chance he will get confused and end up buying nothing.
  1. Highlight your store’s USP upfront: What separates your store from others? Shoppers need to establish a mental connection with your business so that they are able to register you in their minds.
  1. Add quality images or videos to describe each product: Visualization plays a major role in persuading shoppers to choose your products. Include high-quality images. A video will also help.
  1. Include customer reviews: Ask shoppers making purchases for feedback on their shopping experiences. Add the positive ones to your site.
  1. Offer Free Shipping on certain products: A lot of visitors are attracted to any discounts available on shipping. You could introduce an entire page featuring products that offer Free Shipping.
  1. Make sure your website is optimized to run on handheld devices: The action has shifted from desktops to handheld devices such as cell phones and tablets. Is your website compatible with these devices? Don’t fall behind – redesign your website if necessary.
  1. Make your website completely SEO-friendly: Pepper your content with the right keywords. Also, add quality meta tags to every important page so that search engines take notice of your website.
  1. Build an efficient customer service team: Your business cannot survive without adequate customer support. Shoppers will call to learn more about a product or to make queries about order status. Make sure your customer support team is well-trained to tackle all situations.
  1. Ensure the payment process is hassle-free: Make sure all users have a pleasant shopping experience on your website. From adding a product to the shopping cart to the final checkout and payment, your store should offer convenient shopping.
  1. Build a mailing list: Focus on building a new mailing list featuring current and prospective customers. Send bi-weekly or monthly emailers to keep your store on everybody’s minds!
  1. Introduce discount coupons: Everybody loves receiving discounts! Design some coupons and upload them on your social media profiles. You could also send them as emailers to customers in your mailing list.
  1. Update site content regularly: We recommend you update the content on your homepage every three weeks. This will let shoppers know about new products at a glance.

Hope you find these marketing tips useful!

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