Why Are Promotional Products Effective As Brand Reminders?

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The primary goal of any business is to connect with the target audience. Here is a fact –

a customer will work with you only if he feels he can trust your brand. It’s time you went the extra mile to ensure current and prospective customers stay loyal to your brand.

In this article, we are going to focus on promotional products and explore the reasons why they are known to be effective brand reminders.

Before we proceed any further, it is important to go through the key takeaways from a recent PPAI study. Participants in this study comprised key decision makers who used giveaways to market their products/services:

  • Since most companies have costly advertising goals, giveaways are used to achieve a high ROI as part of the core marketing strategy
  • 74% of buyers consider giveaways as highly-effective marketing tools
  • More than half of the total marketing budgets were set aside to purchase giveaways
  • Over the past year, 96% of participants spent marketing dollars on giveaways. 75% of these buyers purchased more than 3 times during this period.
  • All participants agreed on one thing – giveaways can serve as potent influencers of brands. They are mainly purchased to boost goodwill and brand recall.

Here are the main reasons why giveaways excel as marketing tools:

Repeated Brand Exposure: Giveaways offer quality utility value, which ensures they are retained and used by your recipients. With your logo highlighted on giveaways, your brand stands to gain quality visibility that is unparalleled in the marketing world.

Let us take the example of imprinted pens. Your recipient will use them to jot down important notes. And each time he uses them, he will be exposed to your logo. Some recipients will use these pens for years! Which other marketing channel offers long-lasting visibility on minimal investment?

High Tangibility: A giveaway can be seen, felt and experienced. The same cannot be said for print, TV or radio ads. Tasty chocolates will help customers remember your brand with fondness. And this is true for all giveaways – from mugs and bags to apparel and stress relievers. Recipients are not going to forget your brand in a hurry.

Quality Way To Retain Clients: The easiest way to retain a client is by giving away gifts. Clients who are showered with corporate gifts are more likely to return with more orders!

So here is what you have to do – identify your most important clients and send them quality gifts. You can have these giveaways mailed to their addresses or have your employee visit them to do the job.

Pamper And Appreciate Employees: An employee is a company’s biggest asset. Use giveaways to pamper and motivate them!

Invest in some quality awards and give them away to top performers on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Your employees will feel wanted and stay with you for a longer period.

Low-Cost Widespread Outreach: A lot of companies run on tight marketing budgets. For them, giveaways offer viable and economical marketing options. You can buy thousands of attractive pens and still end up spending only a few hundred dollars!

Effective Alternative To Business Cards: Remember the good old days when business cards were extensively used to introduce an individual or business? The same can be done with giveaways. A pen featuring your name and address will serve as a capable alternative to business cards.

Excellent Tool To Woo Visitors At Trade Show Booths: Make it a point to visit trade shows with an assortment of giveaways. Distributing the right giveaways will attract more visitors to your booth, ensuring that they take memories of your brand when they return home.

So are you convinced to utilize promotional products for your next marketing campaign? Choose from the attractive range available at Promo Direct to kick-start your campaign.


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