8 Social Media Marketing Ideas to Celebrate Events and Holidays

holiday social media marketing
As you already know, social media marketing is all about engaging with target audiences. The goal of this engagement is to increase awareness about a company’s products/services in a positive manner. As a result, the company gains a quality online reputation that will last for years.

One of the tactics used by online specialists is to organize social media campaigns around popular events and holidays. There are more than a dozen holidays that are looked forward to every year. The most popular among these include Independence Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween, among others. This article will ensure your brand is geared up to kick-start a successful marketing campaign around these events.

Go through the pointers mentioned below and you will be miles ahead of competitors for the next event or holiday!

1. Plan well in advance: Maintain a calendar of events you want to theme your social media campaign around. And start thinking about how you want your brand promoted during that event.

2. Theme your social media profile accordingly: Add holiday spirit to your social media pages by altering your page’s cover and profile pictures to reflect the theme. Make sure the images you choose are high on quality. Don’t use pixelated images on your profile – they will just rob the page of its sheen.

3. Run a contest: Nothing inspires followers more than the idea of participating in a contest. Come up with a holiday-themed question that will be loved by your followers, encouraging them to come up with answers. You could give away promotional products to participants who answer correctly.

4. Encourage your followers to share their holiday experiences: If it’s Independence Day, ask readers to share their favorite patriotic story. People love sharing anecdotes – your social media profile should take advantage of this fact and provide them the channel to express themselves!

5. Run social media ads: An event provides the right opportunity to take the first step in running social media ads, especially if you haven’t done so before. Increase visibility among target audiences and gain more likes through paid campaigns.

6. Share pictures from behind the scenes!: If you are celebrating an event at the office, make sure you click enough photographs! Sharing these pictures on social media will give your followers a wonderful insight into your company’s work culture.

7. Launch coupons and discounts: Everybody loves seasonal discounts! Add coupons to your website and make sure they are displayed prominently on your homepage. Coupons are marketing winners that will ensure customers keep coming back for more!

8. Reward the most loyal fans: Keep track of the most active fans on your page. Acknowledge their contribution to your page by giving out handy giveaways at the end of each month.

We trust these marketing ideas help you make the best use of your social media profiles during the next event or holiday. The meaningful engagement practices mentioned in this article will provide you with a spurt in traffic and quality business as well.

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