10 Gift Ideas To Keep Your Employees Motivated

employee motivation gift
employee motivation gift

Among the many challenges faced by companies today is the inability to retain employees. Very often, it is the finest employees who are in search of better pay and opportunities. As these employees leave for greener pastures, your company ends up with depleted resources to take on projects.

So what is the best way to restrict this exodus? One way is keep them motivated enough to work for your company. This is easier said than done. Employee motivation is often achieved through encouraging words. Using words to achieve success may be the right option but there is often a lot more to be done. Why not motivate your employees with timely gifts?

Featured below are 10 gift ideas to keep employees motivated and interested in your company at the same time. Constitute bi-weekly or monthly awards and give these gifts away to deserving candidates:


  1. Blue Azure Art Glass Award: Get your logo imprinted on this beautiful award! The cobalt blue ribbons give this item a stylish look! Comes packed in a beautiful gift box.


  1. Orb Art Glass Award: The artistic impact of this award goes beyond words! Get an employee’s name etched on this award to make him feel extra special and wanted.


  1. Tempo Clock: This attractive timepiece will find pride of place on desks or cabinets. It displays the day, date and temperature.


  1. Color Band Lunch Bag: Provide these lunch bags to your customers and allow them to carry snacks from home. Featuring a front slip pocket, this lunch bag is a great product to associate with your brand.


  1. Time & Picture Pen Holder: This product will hold your recipient’s favorite pens while displaying their cherished photographs as well. It comes with battery included.


  1. Wright Flyer Time Clock: The Wright clock comes at the right price! This clock is shaped like an airplane. It is the perfect product to highlight your brand on.


  1. Flashlight And Siren Pedometer: This pedometer comes with a 3-LED flashlight. It tracks distance walked and calories burnt, allowing employees to remain healthy all the time.


  1. 16 oz. Cornado Tumbler: This tumbler is a looker! It features a stainless steel outer wall and is a great product to drink beverages from!


  1. Captain’s Chair: This chair probably offers more imprint area than most products. It folds itself and can be taken conveniently by your employees on outdoor trips to the beach or camps. Also features mesh pockets to store keys, loose change and other such items.


  1. Mustang Sling Backpack: These backpacks are cool enough to be carried around by your employees. They look trendy and feature several pockets to store your recipients’ belongings. Get your logo imprinted on these bags and you will have a winning retention program.


Like the products featured in this list? You will love personalizing these products! Get in touch with us and we will help you treat your employees like never before!

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