The 10 Commandments Of Online Marketing

10 commandments of online marketingAn increasing number of businesses deploy wrong strategies in pursuit of excellence online. It is time to set things right with the 10 commandments mentioned in this article. If you own a website or wish to seek a presence online, then this article is for you.

Read through these commandments and fine-tune your online strategy to gain a positive reputation for your website, blog and social media sites:

1. You should not plagiarize: Though plagiarism is commonly associated with content, duplicate designs are not far behind. This is because people often run out of online ideas. There is no harm in getting inspired by popular works online – but make sure your website never indulges in blatant copying!

2. You should never ignore your online audience: The main focus of your website is to reach out to a widespread online audience. But have you performed the necessary research to study the nature of your target audience? What are their specific needs and how exactly will your website benefit them?

3. You should be social: Create social media profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Use these profiles to engage with your audience on a daily basis. Answer their questions and be attentive to their complaints as well.
Also, make sure you post regularly. Irregular posts will only destroy the faith followers have in your brand.

4. Your content should be shareable: Do you own a successful blog that features wonderful industry insights? Make sure it can be shared by readers on their social media profiles.

5. You should never badmouth a competitor: There is every chance you will be up against 6-7 other competitors online. Never indulge in tactics that belittle them, whether it is on your website or social media sites.

6. You should never hard sell: Never use your presence online to aggressively promote your brand. Your website or blog should serve as quality ambassadors of your brand and not as over-eager marketing agents.

7. You should never deploy black hat SEO techniques: Black hat techniques may bring short-term success to boost your online presence but will have a negative impact in the long run. There is every chance your website may get banned by Google. Is it worth the risk?

8. You should never use fake online reviews to highlight your products/services: Fake reviews are increasingly popping up on sites, misleading customers and nudging them to go for a brand’s offerings. This tactic should stop because keen eyes can easily differentiate fake online reviews from original ones.

9. You should avoid spamming through email marketing: Email marketing is a quality marketing channel when used in the right manner. A courteous e-mail introducing a company’s services will never be viewed as intrusive. But if the same e-mail is sent in different avatars week after week, then you are entering into spammy territory.

10. You should only use high quality images: The quality of images used on your website goes a long way in showing how serious you are about your online presence. Steer clear of pixelated images.

Do these commandments sound useful for your brand? Make use of them to highlight your brand to the world!

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