Top 7 Promotional Products For The Automobile Industry in 2015

Promotional Products for Automobile Industry

If you represent a car dealership or have anything to do with the automobile industry, then this article is for you! Featured here are 7 popular automobile-related products at Promo Direct that will give a boost to your marketing campaign:

Sun Shade: Made of light, reflective material, this sun shade provides a quality imprint area for your brand. During the fiery summer, this shade protects cars from nature’s fury. It can be used during the winter as well to prevent people from peeping into cars.

USB Car Adapter: Help your customers charge cell phones and other electronic devices from their cars itself. This quality product is sturdy and built to last for years.

Travel Adventures Highway Kit: This product comes with Booster cables, a distress flag, a flashlight, a safety cone and a tire inflator! What more could you ask for in a giveaway?

License Plate Frame: Available in a variety of attractive colors, these license plate frames will showcase your company whenever your customers drive through town!

Convertible Car Stress Reliever: These cute stress relievers will help customers fight stress. Recipients can place these relievers on desks, in homes or offices.

Wonder Mat: Usually items kept on a car’s dashboard just fall off due to gravity. Here’s a product to help you win some brownie points with customers. The Wonder Mat can hold sunglasses, coins and cell phones in one place without letting them fall off. Moreover, this product ensures your logo is right in front of your customer when he is driving.

Auto Organizer: This product can fit in most cup holders. It can hold cell phones, coins and important documents with ease.

Hope you like the products featured in this list. Go ahead and choose a product, provide us with your logo and message and we will take care of the rest!

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