8 Promotional Products Schools Can Give Away In 2015

8 Promotional Products Schools CanGive Away In 2015

In any given local area, there are anywhere between 5 to 10 schools competing to come out on top. The best school is often one that provides quality education at the right price. Another factor that works in favor of a school is the amount of brilliant students studying there.

If you represent a school, you will know how difficult it is to maintain a good reputation. Very often, external factors work together to either boost or bring down a school’s credentials. We advise you not to wait for these external factors to take effect. Instead, choose from this list of 8 Promotional Products Schools Can Give Away In 2015 to make a positive impact on your marketing campaign.

The main benefit of these giveaways is the extended visibility you get when school children take these items home to their families. So choose from any of the products below to highlight your school:

1. Papermate InkJoy 300 RT: This pen is a pleasure to write with! Featuring a revolutionary ink system, this pen provides users with beautiful writing experiences. The rubber grip ensures fingers remain stress-free. You will love the colorful options this pen is available in!

2. Bic® Pencil Solids: These pencils from Bic are stunners! They can easily be sharpened and the lead doesn’t break quickly either. If you are looking for quality pencils that can distributed among the entire school, then this product is for you. Your school name and address can be imprinted with ease.

3. Classic Notebook: This notebook is great to utilize for notes. Featuring 100 pages of quality paper, this notebook is made to last years! It has a flexible leatherette cover. The kids will love to carry these notebooks around.

4. Post-It® Notes Cube 345 Sheets: How about distributing Post-It notes at school? There’s every chance most students haven’t used them before. This product provides you with 345 sheets, which means that it will last for a long time before running out.

5. Stress-O-Meter Ruler: Now here is a fun giveaway to brighten up things at school! These rulers display both inches and centimeters. It also allows users to use fingertip pressure to analyze current stress levels. It also comes with instructions to reduce stress!

6. Mini Max Highlighter: Highlighters are in demand at schools. Kids love to use them while preparing for tests. This highlighter, in particular, is a hot favorite among our customers. Compact and attractive, these highlighters will help students highlight sections they want to get back to later.

7. 16oz PolySure Twister Bottle: Would this jazzy looking bottle interest your brand? A truly recyclable product, this bottle is reusable and features a leak-resistant lid.

8. JoBee Translucent Deluxe School Kit: School kits have always been popular. This particular kit comes with 2 White Jo-Bee Miser Round Pencils, 1 White Jo-Bee 6″ Plastic Ruler, 1 White Jo-Bee Round Eraser and 1 White pencil sharpener. Your imprints will be provided on the ruler, pencils and case.

Like this list? We wish you the very best with your marketing campaign!

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