7 Tips for Building Your Brand On A Shoestring Budget

branding on shoestring budget

Quality marketing is key to the success of businesses. The main goal is to connect and engage with target audiences in a convincing manner, while growing your brand’s reputation as well.

If you are looking to market and build your brand without burning a hole in your pocket, then this article is for you!
Featured below are 7 tips on building a solid reputation for your brand wisely and economically:

1. Make full use of your business cards: Most people only use one side of their business cards. Why not go creative and use the other side as well to highlight your offerings in the best way possible? The more creative you get, the greater the chances of recipients getting impressed and doing business with you at a later stage.

2. Build a formidable social media presence: Go ballistic on social media! Create profiles for your business and build a strong number of followers. Engage with them on a daily basis, providing them with quality information about your business. And don’t ever make the mistake of ignoring them!

3. Give importance to your email signature: Every email sent out by you should feature a link to your website, social media profiles and a brief one-liner about your business in the signature.

4. Invest in attractive giveaways: From pens and bags to mugs and stress relievers, there are a wide range of giveaways to imprint on. As long as your giveaways are attractive and practical, they will be appreciated by recipients.

5. Start networking: Search for local business communities and join them. Attend their meetings whenever you can and make connections that are helpful for your business.

6. Become an expert: Contribute to 3rd party blogs as a guest author. Showcase to the world that you are an expert in your domain. This way, you will build a reputation for yourself and your company.

7. Show your appreciation for referrals: Send thank you gifts to customers who recommend your business to others. You could also send them gift cards from popular stores like Starbucks, Macy’s or Barnes & Noble.

Like the tips featured in this article? Use them to reach out to your target audiences in the quickest time possible!

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Dave Sarro
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