Promotional Products vs. Print Advertising: A Comparison

Print vs Promo
Promotional products and print advertising are two of the most sought after marketing channels. Both are capable of reaching out to target audiences far and wide. However, promotional products are miles ahead of print advertising when it comes to the impact made on audiences. In this article, we explore the factors that allowed promotional products to achieve the marketing heights it has reached today.

1. Hugely Economical: Buy thousands of giveaways and you will still have a lot of dollars remaining in your marketing budget! The main reason why promotional products work is because you get a huge quantity of imprinted items in bulk with no compromise on quality. The key word here is “economical”. The savings are huge – the more you order, the greater you save!

The same cannot be said about print advertising. You will have to cough up a big amount in order to place an ad in a popular newspaper or magazine. And the ad will most probably run for only one day. There’s no guarantee the reader will go through your ad – he will most probably just flip through the pages!

2. High Utility Value: Giveaways come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And all of them are useful enough to be a part of your customer’s daily life. Whether it’s a pen, sanitizer or bag, be assured that your giveaway will be put to good use. Print materials, on the other hand, offer limited visibility with a lifespan of probably 1 to 2 days.

3. Repetitiveness: Let’s suppose you gift your customer an imprinted calendar featuring your logo and contact details. There’s every chance your logo will be placed in an important place, either on a desk or wall. Your calendar will be seen on a regular basis through the year not only by your customers but visitors as well, offering repetitive value that’ s unheard of in the marketing industry. You will have to run a print ad multiple times through the year to get the same repetitive value.

4. Superior Tracking Capabilities: How do you track how many people actually went through your ads? Difficult task, right? But with giveaways, you can keep track by simply monitoring how many products you hand out to customers – it’s that simple!

5. Creativity like never before: We all know that print ads can be really creative. Customized giveaways go one step further. Imagine the level of creativity and uniqueness you can add to the products you hand out. Visually appealing pens or mugs will have your stamp of creativity, allowing users to quickly establish a connection with your business.

We hope this article convinces you to make the right decision while choosing between these two marketing channels. Wish you all the best!

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Susan Smith
Susan Smith is a digital marketing strategist responsible for driving online visibility for Promo Direct. She oversees the social media strategy for the company and manages product campaigns to build brand awareness. Susan can be followed on Google+ and Twitter.

One thought on “Promotional Products vs. Print Advertising: A Comparison

  1. While I’m a big advocate for using promotional products, I don’t think it should be promo vs print. The best marketing campaigns utilize informative printed pieces along with promotional products. Promotional products are great but work even better when partnered with a printed piece that can provide more detailed information than you can fit on a promotional product

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