Better Brand Recall With Promotional Products

Is there any reason why companies like Reebok, Adidas or Levi’s do so well? The answer is simple – they have strong brand recall value. And most people associate good memories with these brands. None of these companies became successful overnight. It took decades of hard work and marketing to make a connection with target audiences.

All of these brands have gigantic budgets to splurge on marketing campaigns of their choice on a regular basis. This ensures that their brands remain on top of consumers’ minds for a long time. For small businesses, however, it is difficult to invest in expensive advertising campaigns. The easier and more effective option would be to rely on promotional products.

Have you ever relied on giveaways or freebies to highlight your brand? If your answer is no, it’s high time you did. This article will give you reasons to go for giveaways to highlight your brand.

Nobody forgets a giveaway: A PPAI survey revealed that more that 75% of people remembered the advertiser in a giveaway received over the past 12 months. This is a win-win situation for you since giveaways are really inexpensive. You spend less and still have brand recall for close to a year!

Giveaways provide extended brand visibility: Giveaways like pens and stress relievers are mostly used by not just the recipients but others in their environment as well. For example, there is every chance an imprinted pen gets used by colleagues in the office. This means extended visibility and recall that goes beyond the main recipients.

People love receiving giveaways!: More than 80% of participants in a PPAI survey said they liked receiving promotional products! And 50% said they are willing to work with the advertiser that gave them the giveaway. What more could you ask for?

In short, giveaways are desirable marketing tools. Just pick a product that complements your branding requirements and you will have a winning marketing campaign in your hands.

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Susan Smith
Susan Smith is a digital marketing strategist responsible for driving online visibility for Promo Direct. She oversees the social media strategy for the company and manages product campaigns to build brand awareness. Susan can be followed on Google+ and Twitter.

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