Analyzing the Top 5 Promotional Product Categories


With every passing year, the promotional products industry gets bigger and bigger!

You have probably received numerous giveaways in your lifetime. And you may have purchased some of your own to highlight a business or cause. This article will strengthen your association with giveaways by giving you a clearer understanding of the promotional products that excel in the industry.

We will analyze the top 5 promotional product categories featured in the accompanying infographic:

1. Wearables: There is a reason why Wearables represent the most sought after category. Businesses know the capability of t-shirts, caps and other apparel in highlighting a brand. A person who wears an imprinted t-shirt becomes a walking billboard for a brand, highlighting the business wherever he goes. Moreover, apparel easily offers the best imprint area among all giveaways.

2. Writing Instruments: Products such as pens, pencils, highlighters and markers are highly economical while being sensible giveaways. Since writing instruments forms an indispensable part of our daily lives, there’s every chance recipients put your pens and pencils to good use. The better they look, the higher the chances of them being used for a long time to come.

3. Bags: Bags are universally used, making it one of the most sought after giveaways. The utility and visual appeal offered by bags is so strong that your logo will make an instant impact with target customers. There are a variety of bags being offered – from shopping bags and briefcases to rucksacks and paper bags. Just make sure you choose the right one for your target audience.

4. Drinkware: Drinkware represents useful accessories that can be used at offices or homes. Help your customers quench their thirst by choosing from a huge variety of drinkware items.

5. Awards/Trophies: Appreciation is a huge morale booster. It motivates individuals to perform at their best and rise to any occasion. Personalize awards and trophies with motivational quotes along with your brand logo. Every time the award/trophy is noticed, your brand will also strike a chord with desired audiences!

We recommend you opt for products from these categories for your next marketing campaign. Wish you all the best!

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Dave Sarro
Dave Sarro is the founder and CEO of Promo Direct, a #1 promotional products company in the US that is focused on supplying a range of promotional giveaways to businesses, educational institutes, and NGOs of all sizes in the US. Dave is a consummate marketing strategist, key authority in the promotional industry and responsible for driving the company towards its mission of delivering quality products and optimum user experiences.

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