5 Social Media Tips To Promote Your Small Business

small business social media
Your competitors are probably miles ahead of you when it comes to social media presence. How do you intend to catch up? Do you have a strategy in place to take your brand forward online?

Many businesses make the mistake of taking social media lightly. They don’t have the right strategy in place to excel. This article will guide you with 5 simple yet effective tips to plan your social media strategy. Follow them and you have a winning campaign in your hands!

1. Hire a dedicated social media specialist
Posting regularly on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest is no easy task. It requires a lot of dedication and time. Hire an experienced specialist who has a strong command of the English language. Make sure he shares conversation starters that can influence better engagement with followers.

2. Study your successful competitors
Observe the kind of updates made by your competitors. Analyze the posts that get the most likes and shares. Make sure that your specialist follows these insights while doing your posts. This will help you formulate a strategy that will build a powerful presence online for your business.

3. Follow a 1-in-6 posting strategy
Don’t hard sell your services! Promote your services only once in six posts. The remaining five posts should be focused on sharing valuable content that can be put to good use by your readers.

4. Share insights and become a knowledge expert
In order to succeed online, it is important that you become a knowledge expert. This will help you build a good reputation online. Share ebooks, infographics and whitepapers that talk about your domain. If you do not have any material of your own to share, then go get some created.

5. Focus on quality not quantity
Do not panic if you don’t have an immediate increase in followers. Your followers will increase gradually as long as you do quality updates. Repeatedly remind your specialist to focus on quality first and then quantity.
Keep these 5 tips in mind and you will go a long way online. All the best with your social media strategy!

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Jayden Samuelson
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