5 Reasons Why You Should Advertise

Advertising is a must for your brand, even if your business has existed for years and established itself. You need to be wary of competition – so do everything at your disposal to reach out to your target audience!
Here are 5 reasons why you should focus on advertising your business:

1) Reaching out to existing customers: Most people don’t believe in sticking to a particular brand for a long time. Since the market changes constantly, advertising helps in reminding customers why your products should be chosen over others.

2) Creating awareness about your brand: Advertising always helps in creating awareness about your brand. Even people who are not using your services/products will be tempted to use them after they see you advertise.

3) Long term benefits: Advertising will give you a long-term advantage over competitors who cut back on or cancel their advertising plans. A recent study found out that more than 3,000 companies who maintained or expanded on their advertising plans over a 5-year period saw an increase in their sales by an average of 100%.
[Source: http://usaebn.org/web/index.php/advertise-with-usa-ebn/264-why-should-you-advertise]

4) Advertising generates more sales: Successful businesses are generally strong advertisers too. If you look around, you’ll find the most aggressive and consistent advertisers are almost always successful.

5) If you don’t advertise, your competition will: There are so many consumers in the market who are ready to buy at a given time. You must advertise to keep your share of customers or you might lose them to your more aggressive competitors.

Advertising helps you meet long-term business objectives. Be patient and show perseverance. Your sales will increase and your brand will climb several notches higher.

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Gary Taylr
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