5 Low-cost Channels For Effective Brand Promotion



Running out of ideas on how to promote your brand effectively? Fear not! This article will provide you with low-cost,high quality marketing tips for successful brand promotion.

Every year, firms spend thousands of dollars on formulating a marketing strategy to promote their brand. But things don’t always go according to plan. In order to succeed with brand promotion, it’s important to make an impact with minimal costs. Here’s 5 ways to show you how:

1. Invest in promotional giveaways: We have listed promotional giveaways first because they are easily among the most effective marketing tools. People love receiving free gifts. Opt for items such as pens, bags or calendars. Count on giveaways for tangible and useful reminders of your business.

What’s more, promotional merchandise is available in economical prices. For example, you can get hundreds of pens customized and still have enough to spend on other marketing channels!

2. Build a strong social media presence: A lot of firms complain that they don’t have direct access to their target audience. Well, what better place to start than social media sites? Create profiles for your company on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Build a strong set of followers that are interested in your brand. Engage with them on a regular basis, building strong goodwill for your brand.

3. Strengthen the Call-to-Action (CTA) on your website: Have a website but not generating enough leads from it? Then it’s time to evaluate the CTA offered on your website. Entice visitors by offering a unique value proposition. Hook them to your services and get them to contact you either by phone or e-mail.

Additionally, ask yourself the following questions:
– “How visually appealing is my website? Does it need a redesign?”
– “How fast do the pages on my site load? Do I need to get the site optimized?”

Accordingly, start work on helping your site race ahead of competitors.

4. Offer attractive discounts: Everybody loves receiving discounts! Offer exciting deals at your store (online or physical) and you will see people rushing to make purchases from you. As more of your products fly off the shelf, your brand gains quality attention that lasts a lifetime.

5. Support local causes: It is important to earn the goodwill of the local community. Identify social causes that need attention in your area. The recipient of your services could be a charity organization, a church, a hospital or a school. Organize fundraisers to highlight your cause. By contributing to a cause, you are not only helping the needy but also building a quality reputation for your brand.

Hope you find the tips featured in this article useful. We wish you the very best with your marketing campaign!

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Gary Taylr
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