5 Beautiful Wall Calendars To Highlight Your Brand

Calendars are a popular form of giveaways. Every year, thousands of calendars find pride of place on walls and desks across the world. They are not only visually appealing but also serve as quality brand reminders.

You can customize calendars by imprinting your brand logo.Your calendars will become a cherished possession for an entire year. Every time your customer looks at the logo on the calendar, he/she will remember his/her association with you.

Let’s take a look at some wall calendars you can give to your customers for perfect brand recall.

1) Country Spiral Wall Appt Calendar: This elegantly designed calendar provides you with ample opportunities for imprinting your brand logo. It features tin edges at the top and bottom to prevent curling while increasing longevity. A neat way to remind customers of your brand all the time.

2) Celebration of Culture Wall Calendar: Bring out the patriotic side in your customers by giving them the Celebration of Culture Wall Calendar. This calendar celebrates various accomplishments of African Americans through colorful photographs of contemporary life and culture. Each day is highlighted with an important African American event or personality. It also includes an inspirational quote for every month.

3) Green and Black Memo Calendar: This calendar is a favorite in the commercial industries sector. The green and black border is a real attention-getter! It has date blocks with faintly ruled lines and symbols denoting the days elapsed and the remaining months in the year. It has a large imprint area to make sure that your customers remember your brand for a long period of time.

4) American Scenic Wall Calendar: This 13-month appointment spiraled calendar is yet another favorite among our existing customers. It features 13beautiful photographs of America’s most scenic locations. Imagine your logo capturing the attention of your customers when it will be imprinted alongside these amazing pictures!

5) 12 Month Large Wall Calendar: This calendar comes in black color along with 1-color imprint so that your brand logo can be the highlight of this sleek calendar. You will appreciate the large imprint area as well. Increase your brand recall with this stylish yet elegant calendar.

At Promo Direct, we offer a large variety of wall calendars to boost your marketing campaign. Visit our website and choose one that suits your marketing and branding requirements.

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