4 Must-Watch Viral Videos of Top Brands

Social media has been used widely by many prominentbusinessesto promote their respective brands. While some campaigns may not have been impressive, others have managed to touch a cord. Below are some incredible social media campaigns that became an instant viral.

1.       Red Bull Stratos – “Freefall”

Red Bull’s video marketing strategy definitely grabbedeveryone’s attention. It featured a man who “could have” exploded in space! The daredevil in question was Felix Baumgartner. Before his jump he declared: “Sometimes you have to get up really high to understand how small you are.” And so he broke the sound barrier in a 23-mile freefall to earth. This spellbinding act will be etched in the minds of whoever saw it, and will be remembered as Red Bull Stratos!

2.        Dove – “Real Beauty Sketches” 

Simplicity can be truly beautiful. With this campaign, Unilever managed to deliver an emotionally powerful message with an understated effort. The film revolves around a sketch artist drawing images of women as per their perception of themselves. After that he creates sketches of the same women, but based on the views of complete strangers. The result is astonishing. This campaign has won two Gold Lions for the Best Use of Social Media and the Best Integrated Campaign.

3.       McCann’s –“Dumb Ways to Die” – for Metro Trains Melbourne

This was the most awarded video in the history of Cannes –32 Lions, including five Grand Prix awards, 18 gold, 3silver and 6bronze. How could one ad have such an impact? Here’s a quick synopsis: The theme was simple – to educate young people about rail safety. The ad featured animated characters being electrocuted, murdered, mauled and run over by trains. The black comedy managed to effortlessly capture people’s imagination while delivering a social message. Just take a look yourself.

4.       Kmart – “Ship My Pants”

Juvenile humor can be annoying at times. However, Kmart was brilliant enough to transform it into a campaign that consumer’s instantly connected with. The idea was to promote Kmart’s ‘Shop Your Way Rewards’ program and its “Ship to Store” free shipping feature.This juvenile humor showcases a series of shoppers exclaiming “Ship My Pants”. It received millions of views within weeks!

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