10 Ways to Use Promotional Products

Promotional products help businesses to promote their brand and build customer loyalty. A research by advertising specialties reveals that giveaways help create goodwill and gains you maximum return on investment. Thoughtfully chosen products reflect your company’s philosophy and help you meet your target customers’ needs. Featured below are 10 ways to use promotional products.

1.  Give Promotional Items to Customers

A survey reveals that individuals who receive promotional products* are 50% more likely to refer your services to their colleagues, friends and relatives. They help increase repeat orders by almost 16%. Instead of sending out simple “thank-you” notes, give out caps or t-shirts to your customers. It will aid in enhancing positive feelings about your brand.

2.  Give Promotional Items to Employees to Use/Wear

Employees are the biggest advocates of your company. You can reward their dedication and superior performances by giving them useful promotional gifts. To ensure your employees benefit from appreciation, look out for products that are popular in offices or homes. You can consider giving away electronic gadgets, apparels, stationery items, drinkware and so on.

3.  Give Promotional Items at Trade Shows

Tradeshows gives you the opportunity to connect with your target audiences. Products such as pens, water bottles, lanyards, keychains, notepads and flash drives are popular tradeshow giveaways that help make a huge impression. Since, these products are useful, it will encourage recipients to buy products from your company.

4.  Give Promotional Items Online

Social media followers are greatest promoters of brands. The best way to associate them with your brand is to impress them by giving away promotional items. You can conduct online contests, polls and offer them items such as t-shirts, mugs or caps as giveaways. The participants will discuss your business and will help take your brand to global arena.

6.  As Radio station giveaways

For years, radio stations have been entertaining listeners with quality programs that feature famous songs and contests. The same holds true even today, people love listening to radio for entertainment. You can sponsor contests on radios and give promotional products as prizes. People love getting free gifts and they will proudly show their giveaways to others as well. Pizza cutters, tote bags, magnets, t-shirts, caps are some handy giveaways that you can give away.

7.   As In-store freebies

Who doesn’t like to receive a free pen? How about candies or USB drives? These items are well received by the customers. Give them as freebies at your store, restaurant or hair salon and your brand is sure to gain some quality visibility.

8.    At Company-Sponsored Events

Whether you are launching a new product or gearing up for a company picnic, giving away promotional items is the perfect way to get your message across. It will delight your recipients and provide your company with a maximum exposure. Umbrellas, blankets, desk accessories and flashlights are some of the items that you can give away at company-sponsored events.

9.    At Charity and fundraising events

By distributing promotional items at fundraising events, you can help charity organizations achieve their fundraising goals. You can distribute items such as USB wristbands, writing instruments, apparels and bags as they are handy, useful and will help you gain maximum impressions for your brand.

10.  Give Promotional Items as Incentives

Motivate your sales team by giving them promotional items as incentives on reaching a sales target. You can give away jackets, messenger bags or briefcases to your deserving executives. These items will also help you gain maximum visibility for your brand.

Now that you know how to make the most of promotional products, try incorporating them in your marketing campaign and make way for an effective promotion.

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  1. The key to using promotional products successfully is, as you say “thoughtfully chosen products”. The best products match the brand and are in some way related to what your company does and what your target audience is interested in.

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