CEO Savvy -7 Critical Attributes of Successful CEOs

Starting a business requires much more than an MBA. Even though one may have an advanced business degree, he or she may still be lacking in qualities that make up a successful CEO. Not every CEO has the same personality or background, but there are general qualities that tend to be found in many successful CEOs. Here are seven of the top qualities that ever successful CEO should have.

1. Drive and determination to overcome obstacles.

CEOs must understand that obstacles are a natural part of business. The best ones are willing to recognize obstacles and find a deep determination to overcome them.

2. An appreciation and compassion for the struggles of others.

CEOs recognize that many people struggle to make a living. They have compassion for customers who may be harmed by a product or purchase a product that does not live up to their expectations.

3. A dedication to serving others.

CEOs like Melaleuca’s Frank VanderSloot have a dedication to serving others, and this makes ultimately makes them successful in leading national companies. Mr. VanderSloot has exemplified his dedication to serving others by contributing to a variety of charities and non-profit organizations in his tenure.

Every CEO should always have the mindset of trying to find the best ways to serve others. Another great example of a CEO who understood this was Henry Ford, when he sought to provide work for employees and a vehicle that would ultimately be used by a nation of people.

4. A dedication to hard work.

A great CEO also understands that hard work is the key to success for any business. He or she is willing to lead employees with his or her own work ethic.

5. A willingness to be open to alternative viewpoints.

Excellent CEOs listen to the ideas of their employees. They know how to nurture the creative talent of their workers.

6. A respect and appreciation for employees.

The best CEOs know how valuable their employees truly are. They are willing to invest in the greatness of their employees. They are willing to provide benefits and support their employees in their endeavors.

7. Charisma and ability to work well with others.

CEOs also tend to have a positive and upbeat personality. They can work well with others and inspire employees.

With practice, you can try to nurture these seven traits within yourself to become a better business leader. You can also gain a greater awareness of those around you and use this awareness to better serve others.


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