How Should You Celebrate National Umbrella Month?

Umbrellas were invented some 4000 years ago in Egypt. The word umbrella is derived from the Latin word ‘umbra’ which means shade. Meant to provide protection against sunlight, umbrellas were also considered as a symbol of rank and nobility. It is believed that the Chinese were the first to manufacture waterproof umbrellas. And it was only in the 1900s that the basic umbrellas that are widely used today were discovered.

March is National Umbrella Month and clearly it is time to celebrate the invention of this useful and inexpensive accessory. Today, umbrellas are available in several varieties and used by a wide demographic of audiences. There are umbrellas for kids, golf umbrellas, fashion umbrellas, waterproof umbrellas and more. They are used by fashion photographers as props or on a patio table to block light.

Here are a few ways you can celebrate National Umbrella Month:

1. Give Them Away As Promotional Gifts

Business organizations can celebrate this day by distributing promotional umbrellas to their employees and customers. It will help spread brand awareness and serve as a token of appreciation. For instance, 64″ Slazenger Vented Promotional Golf Umbrellas make great giveaways for hotels, county clubs, souvenir shops, sea side retailers and stadiums.

2. Donate To The Needy

You can purchase some umbrellas and donate them to orphanages or old-age shelters in your local area. You may also gather used umbrellas and give them away to needy.

3. Decorate Your Store or Studio

If you own a store, you can decorate it by hanging colorful umbrellas around, or if you are looking for a special design effect, then place 48″ Two-Tone Promotional Umbrellas on patio tables to give a striking effect.

4. Read Out An Umbrella Story

There are several children’s books available that have interesting stories about umbrellas. Read out stories to children and bring smile on their faces.

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