Celebrating International Women’s Day with Pink Giveaways

March 8th is celebrated as an International Women’s Day by many countries around the world. This day is brought to attention by recognizing political, social, economical and cultural contributions as well as achievements of women in a society. The United States is one of the major countries that celebrate International Women’s Day in a big way.

It’s an occasion when struggles of the past are remembered and accomplishments cherished. It is a day to make resolutions for the future and explore untapped potential in such a way that women lead a better, self-reliant and independent existence.

You can promote International Women’s Day by giving away pink giveaways to female customers and associates. Women love gifts and they will appreciate your gesture for giving them thoughtful gifts on this day. If they like your products, they are likely to get associated with your brand for long and recommend your services/products to others as well.

A research by MediaPost revealed that 79% of women prefer trying out new products or services and 80% would solidify brand loyalty. So what better way to promote your business than giving away worthy gifts on this special day?

Here are some of the popular pink giveaways that you can give away to female customers:

1. Bella – Ladies Rib Tank Top: If you are looking to give apparels then tank tops would be a great option. Give them away at your store or office and let them become walking billboards for your brand.

2. Manicure Set: Manicure sets make great gifts for women as they can treat their hands and feet whenever they want.

3. Vivid Pen: You can never go wrong with these pens. They are handy, compact and can be distributed to your recipients anywhere.

Count on Women’s Day as the perfect occasion to highlight your brand. Remember that a thoughtfully given product can project your brand image effectively. Brand these products with your logo and make your gifts unique.

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