4 Reasons Why You Must Opt For Lanyards As Marketing Tools

Lanyards are practical items that are used at most places such as schools, hospitals, offices, conferences and airports. If your goal is to gain maximum exposure for your brand, then lanyards are the effective tools as they offer maximum visibility. Here are 4 reasons why you must include lanyards in your marketing strategy:

1. High Utility Value: Lanyards can hold a wide range of items such as keys, passes, IDs, membership cards and flash cards. Since, they have a purpose and are practical, most companies around the world use these to promote their brand.

2. Everybody loves freebies: Research reveals that individuals like to receive freebies and will keep them for long, especially if they are useful. If lanyards have swivel hooks or clips, then customers can attach anything to them.

3. Quality imprint area: Lanyards have an impressive imprint area. Your company logo, texts or designs will stand out on these lanyards; thereby making it visible to more people.

4. Economical giveaways: They are affordable and can be easily distributed at tradeshows, meetings, events and conferences. Moreover, you can obtain attractive discounts on bulk purchases. This factor is important in any business endeavor particularly, when prices of most items are increasing.

Here are some lanyards that will interest you: Cotton Personalized Lanyard Neck Cord, Hang In There Promo Lanyard and Value Circle Badge Holder. Also visit our Lanyards section to explore the wide range on offer.

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  1. The higher the quality, the more effective the promotional product will be. Lanyards are a good option. It’s worth spending a little bit extra on high quality lanyards as opposed to the cheapest versions.

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