Enhance Your Product Sales with Mobile Marketing

The biggest question of this year to all online entrepreneurs is—Are you ready to promote your brand through mobile marketing? According to a research conducted by comScore in 2013, the revenue generated by shopping through mobile websites for the 3rd quarter of 2012 was $5.8 billion, a 26% for the same quarter in 2012.

Also, a majority of the millennial generation is using smart phones to make purchases online. So, it has become important for entrepreneurs to invest in a good mobile website to tap this market and make profits. A 2013 Holiday Shopper Intentions Report released by Google depicted that about 95% of Millennias prefer to use the Internet for their holiday shopping.

Here are a few tips to consider while developing a strategy for mobile marketing:

1. User-Friendly Website For Mobiles

Mobile users prefer to browse websites that are user-friendly. Google has announced that it will consider this factor while determining the ranking for mobile sites. Give your users an enhanced and easy shopping experience by:

– Developing a comprehensive content and responsive design
– Having a real-time catalog, wherein one can browse the products and make purchases instantly
– Improving your page loading time

2. Content Must Be Informative

To have a better ranking for mobile sites, entrepreneurs must focus on creating informative content for their products. Try to develop content that will provide better results for conversational queries and meet the requirement of customers on the go. Also, create fresh content for landing pages, especially during holiday season. You can inform the users about discounts and sales through landing pages, which in turn will enhance your sales.

3. Conversion Is The Key

A report presented by New Mobile Share shows that customer conversion rate on Smartphones is 16 times better than desktops. Use videos to deliver your message to users. Chart out all macro as well as micro conversation possibilities to encourage visitors to buy products.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, it is important to know what your target customer is doing while shopping from mobile phones. So go ahead and create an elaborate mobile marketing strategy to gain more success.

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Gary Taylr
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