Using Reviews Better For Your Business

Do you put some thought into what’s said about your business online? If you haven’t yet, then please do so as quickly as you can. A lot of companies prefer to ignore reviews about them, especially if it’s negative. Don’t follow the same path.

Websites like and provide prospects with handy insight into your business. These websites offer local business coverage and are easy to access online. Whether its restaurants, automobiles, travel or just about anything under the sun – reliable reviews are ready for those who need them any time of the day!

Reviews serve as an excellent marketing channel because they can easily manipulate consumer behaviour. A 2012 survey by Nielsen revealed that respondents believed in online reviews as the second most trusted form of advertising, behind recommendations from family and friends. Here is a fact – if you don’t have reviews for your business online, you are missing out on a whole lot of fun!

So how do you get favorable reviews for your business? Of course, the first step would be to sell products/services that match the expectations of your target audience. The second step would be to provide your customers with an opportunity to write about their experience on your website itself. Guide customers to write reviews and if they write favorably on 3rd party sites such as Google+ and Yelp as well, your business stands to gain exponentially.

So after a customer has completed a transaction on your website, send him/her a thank you note and invite to share his/her experience. You can either do so by sending them an email or contacting them by phone.

This is exactly what we do at Promo Direct. Each product page on our site allows customers to write a review and this will be displayed for other prospects to read about.

Check out some external reviews on Promo Direct such as the following:

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